Techin5 Review Process

Here at Techin5, we wanted our reviews to be simple, and to the point, but also to make sure the readers understand what the product is, and why we gave it the ratings we did. The explanations may differ depending on the product being reviewed.

This is how we have broken down our review system:

Each Review is given a score out of 10, 10 being the best possible score, and 1 being the absolute worst.

Review System:

Design –

Ease of Use –

Features –

Performance –

Value –


Design: The build of the product, the quality of that build, and if the product looks good or not.

Ease of Use: How easy or hard the product is to use, and how easy it is to figure out all the features.

Features: Anything distinguishing about the product technology, that sets it apart from other product in terms of technology.

Performance: How the product performs on a daily basis. Speed, life (battery), Quality of pictures.

Value: For the price you spend, and the features you get, and the usage of it, is it worth it.

Following that, the review will then look at the ‘Good’ aspects of the products, and similarly weight it against the ‘Bad’ aspects of the products. After that the score will be totaled and shown at the end, with a small verdict.