Interested in joining the Techin5 team?

Techin5 is a rather new project in terms of Tech space, but already we are starting to gain steam all around the world, and therefore we see it as the perfect opportunity to open up the gates to allow others to join the Techin5 team. There is always information, sites, and gadgets that we may either miss out on because we may not have time to report those products or be aware of them, which is where you come in!

There are a limited number of places available on our team, so we welcome everyone who is interested in being part of this amazing team. Even if there aren’t any positions available, we welcome you to submit your entries because we store every application that comes out way. Remember, writing for Techin5 means your work is seen in over 100 countries around the world, which is not something you can always say.

We’re quite passionate here at Techin5 about technology, and if you want to be a part of Techin5, you should be passionate as well! Your aim will be to make the articles short, easy to understand, and ultimately interesting while getting your point across.


Being part of the team means you’ll need to show dedication and commitment to writing articles. You’ll need to do proper research before your writing your articles, and you need to always remember to reference your work to the source you found the information from. When people read our articles, they trust what we say so we can’t report the wrong information.

You’ll be expected to do the following:

  • Write at least one to two ‘original’ article per week (and more would always be great of course). (Negotiable – Contact us)
  • Be familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and various other Social Networking Sites
  • Make sure your articles are unbiased and original (we don’t want you just to copy and paste articles)
  • Be passionate about technology.
  • Bonus: If you are able to obtain access to the latest tech news and gadgets for reviews.
  • Bonus: Be active on twitter (and perhaps other social networking sites)
  • Bonus: Have a smartphone (for App Reviewer – see below)

Benefits of joining Techin5:

  • Every members gets their own WordPress account which will allow you to access Techin5.
  • A personal email from Techin5.
  • Access to insider stats within Techin5.
  • Being introduced to the tech community around the world.
  • Having your name accredited to Articles you write.
  • Have your Articles read in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Access to review units and Techin5 plans (if you live in Melbourne, Australia for review units).
  • Be accredited with being part of the team on the About Page (this page is still under construction).
  • Be considered a Professional Blogger with experience.

Available Positions

There positions are currently open (feel free to apply for more than one if need be, you can split the requirements amongst the different positions):

  • News Writer – Reporting the latest news and technology from around the world.
  • Guide Writer – Your role here will be to write slightly longer articles that fall into the ‘Guides’ and ‘How-to’ Categories (only 1 article per week required here).
  • Review Writer – You’ll write reviews about different gadgets, technology, websites, or software.
  • App Reviewer – Review App’s that are interesting and useful to the community (Android/Apple/BlackBerry/Windows Phone 7/etc).
  • Movie Reviewer – Watch the latest movies out in the cinemas? Then this position is perfect for you, you’ll be writing how you found the latest movie. (This position is obviously dependent on how many movies you are able to watch).
  • Fashion Writer – Talking about Fashion and Technology, and how they interact (only 1 article per week required here).
  • ‘Other’ Writer – Fancy pitching another position idea no already mentioned? Let us know, and we’ll consider it!


Anyone who meet’s the above requirements is welcome to apply, regardless of age or where you live.

Be sure to let us know which positions you’re interested in applying for, your location, and you must include in the email an article. The article may be a Review, opinion, or anything to do with current Tech News. Limit of 500 words maximum (picture’s can be included if you think necessary).

To apply (or inquire further about the positions), please contact us at

We at Techin5 look forward to hearing from you!

Jubbin Grewal
Head Editor