Techin5 founded in September 2010 with the sole purpose of bringing its readers Tech related information and news, in an easy to understand format and setup. Our main goal was to educate people about Technology, regardless of their tech expertise and knowledge. It was launched as a base where everyone could come to find easy to understand articles on various topics relating to technology, and be able to follow guides without struggling.

Technology is always around us, constantly evolving, and if we don’t keep up with the pace at which Technology is evolving, we may soon be left behind. The world of today runs on technology, and we at Techin5 have embraced that notion in order to bring you the best tech news, guides, reviews, and tips out there. There are so many sites out there that try to report every small minuscule detail of technology out there, and readers might soon find themselves getting lost and more confused than ever in the sea of tech knowledge. That is why, we try and find the topics we think will be interesting to you! We want you to think of Techin5 as a safe haven for technology, where you can learn about the world of tech without feeling intimidated, lost, or overwhelmed.

Techin5 is a community involved site. Yes we may report tech stories which we choose, but what you will find is that most of the stories on the site will be relevant to readers in their lives. Furthermore, what you may not know is that most of the guides on Techin5 today (under ‘The Basics’) are actually community requested articles. Techin5’s goal is to have the community put faith in us on technology, and in doing so be able to trust our opinions and judgments regarding Tech news. You can follow our official Twitter account: @techin5 or Like us on Facebook: Techin5.

The future is Now.

Techin5 was officially launched on the 7th of March, 2011!

Dominic Teoh – Copy Reader

Max Ree-Goodings – Techin5 Writer