#countmein with Telstra

#countmein with Telstra

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Fast forward 10 years, and we’ll all be living in an interconnected world where technology is an ubiquitous extension of ourselves. However we’re not there just yet – and we’re aiming to catch up but it does take time. Telstra see that 10 year vision and trying to push the boundaries today, because much like us, they want a brilliant connected future. Not sure what we’re talking about? Then take a look at the video snippet below which will give you an introduction to their idea.

Their idea is that we don’t need to wait 10 years for technologies to keep us ever connected, and they’re trying to do everything they can to be connected today. For instance, if you head to their #countmein website (https://countmein.telstra.com.au/ ) you’ll see the a scenario where you can send a package to a loved one, and see their reaction since the video was recorded on special glasses by the delivery person. He then uploads the video using Telstra’s high speed network and shoots it over to the sender so they can see the reaction of the receiver. In theory, we would want to move to a live setup where we can see their reaction as it happens (ala Google Glass), but for now it’s a great idea. One of many ideas, we suggest you head down to Telstra’s #countmein website and take a look for yourself.

The future is close, can you feel it?

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