List of the best alternatives for video games

List of the best alternatives for video games


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Children have a particular affiliation for video games. They make all kinds of excuses to keep playing on these games. However, as a parent it is your duty to expose your child to the outdoors and keep him or her in love with nature.

Below are listed some of the alternatives that you can try, so as to increase the child’s horizon and enable the child to get over the habit of playing video games, all the while.

1.)  Taking the family on an outing

Children do love outdoors but only if you take them out frequently. Ensure that the child along with the entire family is taken outdoors at least once a week. You can try different alternatives as taking the family to a movie show, park or a boat ride.

Not only will this keep the child occupied with the thought of planning the next outing but will enhance the horizon of the child. With time, you will notice that the interest of the child will decrease in playing the video game. They will become energetic and will develop a positive frame of mind which will reflect in them at later stages of their lives.

2.)  Joining a club or any sports team

It is always better to make the child play some real games rather than playing video games at home. The child’s reflexes will become stronger and they will develop into a committed individual. Ask the child about their sports interest and guide the child on a suitable course of action. They will not only become a better sportsperson but will get over the instinct of switching over to the video games, once they are back at home.

The teenager will definitely love stretching their hands at some sports rather than trying the monotonous video game which gives only a stimulating affect of being a winner. Once the child is addicted to winning games in the real world, they will definitely wish to play outdoor games.

3.)  Have a pet and make your child responsible for it

Some children are extremely hard to be cared for. In such cases, it becomes your prime responsibility to put them on right course of action. To wane them away from the video games, you can have a pet at home. Children have a natural attraction towards pets and in case you bring one home, the child will get busy with the pet.

Pets, be it cat or dog have a particular sense for everything. They will make your child caring and loving for everything. This is never possible in the virtual world and even if your child is playing some pet related games, he or she will never develop attraction for the pet as they will have in real life conditions.

Get a pet home and make your child responsible for caring for the pet. You will find that the child will become humble and caring.

4.)  Encourage the habit of reading books

Children can be addicted away from video games by guiding them to reading books. Books are a child’s true friend and you should gauge the child’s interest before you encourage them to read books.

Observe the child’s interest and check on the kind of video games that the child is playing. If they love playing games with historical characters, perhaps you can bring some history books for the child. Encourage them to read through the same and eventually they will get over the instinct of playing video games.

5.)  Trying adventurous activities

Kids always love adventure. These reflect in the kind of video games the children play. Luring the children away from these video games is a tough task. However, you can put them on a distinct path by encouraging them to try various adventurous activities. These include rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing.

You might have watched the child trying these activities in the virtual world as they cross the various stages successfully in the video game. Make the child realize the importance of the same in the real world. You will notice that the child will become braver and will love taking decisions independently.

Luring the children away from the virtual world of video games is not difficult in case you encourage the children in a guided manner. Initially, you can ask them to decrease the time that they spend playing games.

With time and as the children start showing interest in outdoor activities, you will notice that the interest of the child will decrease in video games and they will take a more natural course of action which you had always desired.

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