5 must-have Android Jelly Bean security apps

5 must-have Android Jelly Bean security apps

5 must-have Android Jelly Bean security apps

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The Android Jelly Bean is an operating system. The Jelly Bean part is just another name for the newest update instead of going by numbers. This version of the Android is not particularly vulnerable and yet needs security more than ever. This is because the Android operating system now powers more than 70% of all mobile phones. It has made hackers very determined and if hackers are going to hunt down operating systems then that is the one they are going to go for. Most mobile viruses, malware, words, rogue apps, etc are created for the Android in the same way that most desktop malware is created for Windows.

Can you get by without security apps? Actually yes you can, but the same is true on a Windows computer. All is fine and well until one day you click a nasty link and before you know it you have lost your entire computer. So here are a few apps you may wish to install in order to beef up your security.

1 – AVG Antivirus

The name should be no surprised to you as they are a fairly well known company that deals with viruses and various online threats. They also try to protect you from phishing attempts and other such insidious online attacks. They are also able to block some of the well known spam websites and it has a phone locating function. This will help you to find your phone if you lose it or if it is stolen. You can also make it ring if it is on silent so you can figure out of you lost it in your car or at work. These sorts of functions are pretty standard with today’s modern anti-virus software.

2 – Norton Mobile Security

The Norton Company is very big on desktop computers. Maybe it is because they are good at marketing or maybe it is because they are good all round, suffice it to say that they are a well funded company and this means they can assign more staff members to locating and removing malware, viruses and all that other nasty stuff. They can also do things such as block unwanted messages or calls and you can do things such as remote locking and such. It has a lot of features such as one that allows you to back up your personal information.

3 – Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is an app that blocks those nasty little hackers’ viruses and a numerous amount of other online threats so that fixing your problems is no longer an issue. It helps you to avoid them in the first place. You have to set it to check for viruses and such, so run it after you have downloaded things or after you have been playing around on dodgy websites. There are also features that allow you to locate a phone on Google maps so you can see where you left it and there is an alarm sound you can set so that people can hear it if they are near to it. There is also a lock-out feature you can put into place.

4 – McAfee Mobile Security

The company that runs this security app is well known and has been around for years. They run a nice antivirus scan that does its job and it has backup functions too to help you keep hold of your files and such. It can also back up your personal data such as the people in your contact book. This means that if you do accidentally delete something or you are infected in any way that it will allow you to return your settings and contacts to how they were the last time you backed up. You can also do fun things such as filter your calls and even ban certain types of phone calls and numbers.

5 – TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

This is a free app that will scan your computer to find out what is causing your problems. It allows you to run a scan from an SD card, which is then used to remove malware, viruses and other such problems. You can start up a safe mode and then download apps like that. If the app is a problem then you can isolate the problem from that point and you will not have to suffer any ill effects. You can remote lock your device and you can set up access and permissions for your apps and such with your privacy dashboard.

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