SAP takes to the cloud, get’s ever more powerful

SAP takes to the cloud, get’s ever more powerful


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For those of you in the business world, you’ll be well aware of SAP and how useful & essential it can be for business – heck, some of you may rely daily on the software. For those of you who don’t, SAP is an incredibly powerful tool (software) for businesses that helps manage business resources through the tools, applications and services that SAP provides. Think of it as Excel, but 50x more powerful, and definately more indepth. Even from my point of view I’ve had time, albeit limited, with SAP so I can understand how useful it is to business who literally cannot function without SAP.

SAP is taking their powerful software and enhancing it even more as of recently, with the cloud. Not only that, but they’ve spruced up the interface and it looks many times better than it did before, and most importantly – it looks fun to use! Through the cloud, you can build your business straight from your mobile device, tablet or computer – and that’s something that will be useful to very many business travels who might be able to finally ditch their laptops for more portable options with SAP finally migrating to the cloud. Now, you can manage your people, money, customers, suppliers, your business, and even travel expenditures and details. SAP say their goal is to¬†Seamlessly integrate with your on-premise solutions, maximise agility, and eliminate the need for major IT investments. And if that all works out, then we think they should have a real winner on their hands by expanding to an entirely new segement of business goers.

But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the video below to get an idea of how the entire system works. Enjoy!

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