Ways to protect your kids when they play online video games

Ways to protect your kids when they play online video games

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Here you will find out a few ways of protecting your children when they are playing games online. It also holds a number of truths that you may fight against if you wish, but it may be futile. For example, your children are probably going to hear foul language if they are playing games where other users may talk to them. It is just the same in the schoolyard, so trying to shield them from it completely is going to be difficult.

On the other hand, you do not want your children exposed to too much of it, so if a certain game is starting to sound more like a rap song, then do something about it. That something may be as simple as stopping them playing a game where they can hear the voice of others, or disabling the interactive chatting features.

Remove the headphones from the computer

Force your children to use the speakers on the computer and not the headphones. This is going to make it so that any online chatter may be heard by yourself. You may also pick up on any suspicious activity once the speakers are conspicuously turned down. This is a very passive way of checking up on what you kids are doing, and helps you to see if they are being bullied online or are hearing too much foul language.

Your kids are at more risk from Facebook

They are more at risk from sexual predators on Facebook than they are on online games. For example, in a tiny town in Britain called Penistone (a real place, honestly), the grammar school had a fan page posted for it. The problem was that the person who created the page was asking the kids for their secrets, with a promise that there secrets will not be told.

This was clearly an attempt to start grooming children, and luckily, the authorities picked up on it very quickly. Nevertheless, the fact that such activity exists on Facebook makes it far more dangerous than online gaming ever will be.

Online games are not really much of a threat

Activity is limited with online games. For example, it is hard for people to expose your child to pornographic or violent images and videos via online gaming, and it is hard for adults to groom children. The most common threat with interactive gaming with other people is bullying, where kids are often verbally abused by other players because they failed to work as a team on some mission or other.

Do not set up a card payment so that they cannot buy gaming extras

Big mistake number one is setting up a card payment where the child need do very little to authorize a payment. If you want to protect your children, then make it hard for them to make purchases via online gaming. There are games such as Diablo III where you can buy items to play with online. If fully-grown adults are out there buying silver armlets for their characters, then it is easy to understand how children will want to buy them too. Protect your children by simply not giving them the option of wasting money on something so frivolous.

Actually spend time with you children

You cannot spend every minute of every day with your child. But, if you devote more time to your kids then you may get a better glimpse into their world to see what they are playing. Try it yourself and you may like it. There are many parents who have gotten into World of Warcraft because their kids like it.

In fact, we are coming into the age where the parents are the ones who are longstanding gamers. Sure, they only had Sonic and Mario in their youth, but it has not stopped them playing RE6 and FIFA 2013 today. If you get involved with the games they play, then you can go on battle missions with them, or simply expose yourself to the culture in order to judge and correctly lower the risk for your children.

Find out about game ratings and what they mean

Sometimes if a game says it has sexual references, you need to figure out what that means. Does it mean that the player will hear a lot of character trash talking (e.g. GTA-esque material)? Or, does it mean that the player will be using a three-foot long dildo to hit pedestrians in the street (Saints Row 3)?

If you know what the game ratings mean, then you will have a better understanding of what your kid is going to see. For example, the word “Gore” has numerous meanings, but if it is also allied with the word, “Horror” then the material is going to be of a strictly adult only nature.

Does your Internet provider have a parental policy you can set up?

There are ways of blocking websites and network connections so that your child is unable to play certain online games. For example, there are games where you may make your own porn movie using digital characters. If your Internet provider has a parental policy, then you may be able to set it up so that your children cannot play such games, and so that they cannot disable the parental blocker from the computer.

Does your anti-virus program have parental settings to help you?

There are antivirus programs that will do the same as what your Internet provider will do in helping you to block websites and network connections. In order to stop your child from enabling the restricted sites, you may have to password protect the antivirus account.

Install software that monitors website history and see what your kids are deleting

Kids are going to figure out how to delete websites from the temp files and Internet history files. If your kid is clever, then he or she will do it manually because fully deleting all records looks suspicious. You can install spyware onto your computer that monitors website history. Check those records with the ones on your computers Internet history and see if anything has been deleted. You may catch your child playing games that he or she should not be playing.

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