Taking Windows Phone’s latest App DualShot for a spin

Taking Windows Phone’s latest App DualShot for a spin


DualShot is one of the newer camera apps to make it’s way down to the Windows Phone platform, and it’s quite different to your regular camera app as well. Even though it might fall into a bit of a niche category, and not everyone might have need (or even want) to use it – it does leave room for some interesting photos and compositions. Made for Windows Phone, based on the iPhone app Frontbackit essentially used your rear camera and front facing camera to create one photo. While the iOS version allows you to use both cameras simultaneously (so we are told, we haven’t tried it ourselves) and separately, the Windows Phone version requires you to fire off the rear camera, followed by the front facing camera. We’re told by the developers that hardware and software restrictions do not allow both cameras to be used at the same time.

As of now, the app is pretty basic – you can use the front and back cameras and once you have, you can add a few inbuilt filters to enhance the image a little (though we wouldn’t say they are fantastic filters). Other than that, you can share the image to your Social Networking sites. Pretty basic like we said, but from what I saw when I used it the other night, it can be quite a hit at parties. Perhaps they’ll be more features in the future that allow it to be more useful, for now we don’t really see ourselves using it that often other than every now and then with friends and more. The image dimensions also mean you can’t upload the entire image without leaving quite a bit of black space. Of course, Facebook friends do enjoy these kind of pictures so there’s always that.

Otherwise, we hope the devs have some cool ideas in the pipeline, though we admit we can’t exactly think of what they might include next (which is why they’re the developers and I’m just the humble tech writer). Take a look at two of the shots down below we took with DualShot. Just an idea of what you can do with it. See this app taking off? Or is it more of a novelty that will lose it’s charm soon? Sound off below.


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