Sponsored video: Intelligent Sounds, Intelligent Music from Intel

Sponsored video: Intelligent Sounds, Intelligent Music from Intel


 This is a Sponsored Post by Intel

Intel have put together a video showcasing the power of their intel powered tablets – only it’s not your average ad. In an alternative universe, this is probably how machines create music – music so intelligent that we want to listen to it all day. In the video, the main robot (who share a very similar resemblance with the popular animated robot character ‘Wall-E’) seems to be the composer and orchestrator of the music, harnessing the power of the intel processors within the tablets to create a range of beats and sounds that come together to create a very interesting composed track (using electronic drums, lighters, tin cans, and a wide array of of other equipment).

If the style of the song sounds familiar, it’s because Intel have teamed up with popular Australian Electronic Artist Flume (popular for his songs such as Holdin’ On and Sleepless) to create an electronic styled composition. We’re not too entirely familiar with Flume, but once we heard this Intel + Flume composition, we had to check out his other music and we’ve come away impressed (and kudos to Intel in choosing such a unique talent). Either way, our best suggestion is to take a look at the video below, and marvel at the sounds and robotics. Feel free to check out the Intel Facebook page as well, for more on this (such as the making of, and more).

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