Four Reasons you don’t need a Tablet Computer

Four Reasons you don’t need a Tablet Computer


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There are hundreds of articles out there telling you exactly why you DO need a tablet computer but we’re looking at some of the reasons you don’t. This is particularly applicable if you have a laptop and/or smartphone and we hope readers will be able to make an informed decision about buying a tablet in the future.

1.     Limited Portability

Tablet computers are touted as more portable than laptops but they’re not as portable as it seems. Most tablets are too large to be slipped into a pocket so you will still need to carry a bag or case which is unnecessary with a smartphone. Tablets can be easily carried just like a book but this poses safety threats and there’s also a higher chance you’ll drop or break the expensive piece of kit. If you’re going to be carrying a bag you might as well carry a laptop!

2.     More to Carry Around

Many tablet computer owners also have laptops and smartphones and in most instances will be carrying all three around at most times! The tablet just becomes yet another piece of kit in your bag and doesn’t necessarily add anything to your functionality. A tablet is unlikely to completely replace another gadget in your collection. You’re likely still to use your laptop and likewise your smartphone.

Tablets do have their uses, they can be great for reading, quick browsing and listening to music and are more flexible for laptops if you’re lounging in bed and the web surfing experience is far superior to that of a smartphone due to the lager screen size.

3.     Browser Limitations

Modern tablet computers still can’t rival laptops and PCs when it comes to web-browsing. Advances are being made but on the whole there is still a long way to go and most users prefer to use their laptop or PC for browsing or working. Looking something up on the go or checking a quick fact could be possible on a tablet but it makes much more sense to just whip out your smartphone as it is smaller and easier to access.

Apple iPads are also limited by the fact they don’t do Flash which limits the number of sites that can be accessed and minimises the user experience. Even tablets that support Flash struggle with some websites and for full web access you really need to use a website from your PC.

4.     Build for the Short Term

Tablets don’t seem to be designed for durability. Whilst a laptop may last you 5 years or more before coming obsolete tablets seem to have lifespans closer to the 2-3 years of a smartphone. Their design simply doesn’t seem to have durability in mind. The iPad for example looks fantastic, sleek and modern but is extremely fragile. The screen is liable to shatter if dropped even lightly so it’s a very expensive piece of kit which could break very easily.

Tablets certainly aren’t for everyone and you want to save some cash then consider taking the big step to sell your iPad and focus on your other gadgets instead. The cash will probably be welcome and you’ll probably not miss your iPad at all.

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