New Official Australian apps come to Windows Phone & Windows 8

New Official Australian apps come to Windows Phone & Windows 8

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Microsoft took the time at TechEd 2013 to announce a few big names finally coming to the Windows Phone and/or Windows 8 App Store (depending on the company). It’s always great to get official apps to any platform, and this is no exception. So let’s take a look at some of the apps below.


Australia’s premier Ticketing agency has created both a Windows 8 version and a Windows Phone 8 version, which should delight the respective user, making ticket booking on the go that much easier.

WP ticketek


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Australia already has an Windows Phone App, and they finish off today by introducing an official Windows 8 app, which is fairly pretty. And delicious.




Not a brand we’re familiar with, but apparently it’s a sports entertainment app (combining sports an entertainment for your viewing pleasure). They come in with an official Windows 8 app.




Carsales is a big one, known as one of Australia’s biggest Car Sale websites and businesses. The mobile website was okay, but it’s great to finally get an app for the Windows Phone platform, making your next car search that much easier.

Search results


Page Up

Page Up is as far as we can tell a business that¬†helps employers worldwide attract, hire, develop, retain, and improve employee performance. So it’s great for the corporate world, and whatever businesses do best.

CareerPath #1


That’s all for now, and we’d hope there are more on the horizon, because any healthy ecosystem needs Official Apps!

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