How does a Lumia 920 with the Amber update do when it goes up against a DJ Concert?

How does a Lumia 920 with the Amber update do when it goes up against a DJ Concert?


For those who aren’t up with in in the music scene, there’s a little known DJ called Kaskade, and incidentally he’s the 7th highest paid DJ in the world, which is why it’s always surprising when people claim to have not heard of him. Without a shadow of a doubt though, you will have heard some of his beats as he’s worked with DJ’s like Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex, and he’s also part of a group called Late Night Alumni (click through to listen to the songs). Incidentally he’s also my favorite DJ, which is why when I heard he was having a concert nearby – I took all my friends and had to go. Coincidently, I also took my Lumia 920 along because I knew I had to take some pictures, record some songs, and really enjoy the event. About 5 days prior to the concert, Nokia had pushed out the Amber update for my 920, meaning I had the latest update available, and more importantly I also had Nokia Pro Cam. Nokia Pro Cam as you might or might not know, enabled Stereo Recording in videos (default is mono) and it also allows you to zoom within the video for roughly 1.8x lossless zoom (further zooming doesn’t seem possible). Pro Cam also meant that I could take some amazing pictures, especially by being able to control the manual focus which meant I didn’t have to wait for the camera to focus on the DJ, only to be distracted by the light and lose focus on the image. The only issue was the fog machine making the pictures seem blurry due to the ‘strobe’ lights and color lights hitting the fog and reflecting the light.

However, the most important part is the video below. In the 5 minute clip below, I’ve recorded the concert on both Pro Cam and the default Video application, and you can see my findings below the video. There’s only a small scene with the default video camera, but you’ll notice there is a difference between the two application in recordings. I’ve taken non-bassy parts and the parts where the beat really drops. Things to note:

  •  It was an indoor venue, so the sound was trapped and more prevalent than an outdoor venue (more in your face)
  •  I was right at the front, so it was arguably the loudest and most ‘bass-y’ where I was (ie: the worst spot to record a video, especially on a phone)
  • I was having a good time and jumping/dancing/shaking about quite a bit, so the OIS is working fantastically here (especially after many many drinks. Don’t judge me.)
  • Watch the video in 1080p to get the best idea of the sound quality and image quality.

Deductions from the video:

  • Pro Camera’s sound recording easily outdoes the default video recording. While in Pro Camera, even with the bass dropped, no distortions could be heard, where the default video seems to have a little crackling here and there.
  • The OIS seems to work better in the default video mode.
  • Stereo recording on the Pro Cam means it’s better, but softer (lower volume levels) than the default video.
  • Color reproduction seemed better on the default video camera, and it seemed more vibrant than the Pro Cam (though not necessarily as clear).
  • Pro Cam’s constant auto focus correction was brilliant, and it never distorted even with all the lights and background videos. Default cam can seem to lose focus once in a while (which I found out at Tiesto, but you won’t see that in this video).
  • Pro Cam is easily the more superior recording option, but it needs a few tweaks still to be perfect.

At the end of the day, if I do end up going to another concert soon (and I hear Hardwell his making his way down here soon), I’ll certainly be taking my 920 along to capture some of the best moments. I’ve attached a few pictures from the event below, all taken with the 920’s Pro Cam App. If you want to see more, feel free to follow me on Instagram here.

Fantasia Painting(31)


Fantasia Painting(29) WP_20130824_22_43_49_Pro WP_20130824_22_37_27_Pro WP_20130824_008 WP_20130824_22_27_12_Pro WP_20130824_22_25_12_Pro It’s no DSLR, or even a Lumia 1020, but I think the Lumia 920 holds up just fine. Especially in the Video department! What do you think guys and girls? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the video and pictures.

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