Apple announce the iPhone 5S, and the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C

Apple announce the iPhone 5S, and the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C


We’ve known that the Apple iPhone(s) were coming September 11th, and we knew that there would most probably we two new models, but we really didn’t know exactly what they would look like – until now. Apple came out an announced not just their standard yearly iPhone upgrade (or revamp really), but a secondary ‘cheaper’ option in the form of the iPhone 5C which ditches the glass look made popular with the iPhone 4, for a more plastic polycarbonate build, and in more colors as well.

Apple may refer to the 5C as the cheaper iPhone, and essentially it is, but it’s not the ‘cheap’ everyone was hoping for. Before we delve into prices however, let’s take a look at the iPhone 5S specs.

  • Processor – Apple A6 processor (estimated 1.5Ghz dual-core processor)
  • Display – LED-backlit IPS LCD Retina Display with 1136 x 640 resolution (326 PPI)
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Storage – 16/32 GB
  • Camera – 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash (1080p HD video recording at 30fps), 1.2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
  • Battery – 1,510 mAh
  • Weight – 132 grams
  • Size – 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm
  • OS – iOS 7


So what’s new? Essentially you have a slight update on the iPhone 5 with the 5C. Gone is the glass plating, replaced by colorful polycarbonate shells like on the Nokia Lumia lineup (albeit very different looks). Colors come in White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink – very different from an Apple point of view for phones which have only come in Black & White till now. Apple is clearly aiming at Women and People who like a bit of color on their new iPhones (without the added case). Battery size is slightly bigger, amd they’ve managed to increase the talk time on the device by nearly an hour to 10 hours. Aside from that, there’s nothing more to pick at between the iPhone 5 & the 5C. Assuming the price does come down, you’ll probably be better off going with the iPhone 5 if you’re not fussed by the colors (this is dependant on availability as the iPhone 5 is no longer sold on Apple’s website).

Why you might ask? Simply because the starting price of the iPhone 5C in Australia is $729 AUD or $549 USD ($99 on a 2 year contract) in the states for the 16GB model to $869 for the 32GB model. Ouch. That’s nothing like the cheaper phone we were hoping for, since standard iPhone 5 prices started at $799 when it was released in Australia. Would we buy it? Probably not, because we’d rather the more improved iPhone 5S. Especially as the iPhone 5C is much too expensive to be a cheaper version of anything. Pre-order from here.


Speaking of, the iPhone 5S also takes on a whole new color scheme, though not as radically different as the 5S. Out go the standard Black and White, and in come – Silver, Gold and Space Gray. Gold you say? Yes indeed, though it’s more like white gold to champagne gold rather than gold, Apple have 3 new color options for you to choose from. Other than the color, looks wise the iPhone 5S is exactly like the 5 in every way aesthetically – except for one small thing where the home button used to be. Gone is the inside domed home clickable button, and it’s been replaced with a cool new touch sense. Why cool? Because it’s also a finger print scanner!

Indeed, the weirdest rumor going around was that the iPhone 5S would pack a Touch ID sensor which would allow you to log into your phone, make purchased on the app store all through the tap of your finger. That has indeed turned out to be true, and it’s a good move we reckon (we never liked the clickable home button). One annoyance is that if the touch sensor doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, it will reject the action (so your friends may not be able to try it out), though we hope it can be disabled. Specs are as follows:

  • Processor – Apple A7 processor 64-bit chip (estimated 1.7Ghz dual-core processor)
  • Display – LED-backlit IPS LCD Retina Display with 1136 x 640 resolution (326 PPI)
  • RAM – unknown, estimated 1GB
  • Storage – 16/32/64 GB
  • Camera – 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED with f/2.2 (True Tone) flash (1080p HD video recording at 60fps, 720p recording at 120fps), 1.2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
  • Battery – 1,570 mAh
  • Weight – 112 grams
  • Size – 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
  • OS – iOS 7



Apple haven’t increased the number of megapixels on this model, but have tried to implement larger pixels that capture more (in essence with the 5S you can take a 24 megapixel Panorama). An on the camera front, the iOS 7 OS also brings a new look camera UI called iSight which should make taking photography easier (including burst shots) and instagram framed shots. Take a look at the UI and some sample images below as well.






Essentially the iPhone 5 is one of the best cameras around in a phone (Lumia 1020 aside), and the iPhone 5S is really intending to increase the potential of the pictures you can take. We don’t know how much better they’ll be, but hopefully once we try it out we will be able to see.

Pricing wise, in Australia expect $869 for 16GB, $999 for 32GB, and a whopping $1,129 for 64GB, making these some of the most expensive iPhone ever. Someone could spend buy another brand, and probably a cheap computer for the price – Apple are really risking it by increasing the price this much. Obviously they hope the added software and touch sensor, new colors, and enhanced camera make people see reason. Or something like that. Pre-order from here.

We’ll keep an eye on this device when it’s out – but it’s an awful lot of money to pay for a phone. We hope it lives up to it’s billing. Both phones are expected to be released in Australia, the US, and various European countries this month.

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