Top android apps for productivity on the go

Top android apps for productivity on the go


This is a Guest post by Jessica Jaffe.

Your mobile devices can be the best weapon in the fight against time and a great way to get more done on-the-go. Boost your productivity on the go with this list of the best android apps to do it.


There are many RDP access solutions available. But when it comes to it the app market, but Ericom’s AccessToGo has won many plaudits. It provides fast and secure access to Windows desktops and applications with intuitive, unique features such as support for touchpad and floating pointers and a function bar for frequently used keys.

One of the first steps to getting organized is making a list of tasks and makes this a simple and stylish exercise with its beautiful to-do app. Organization is easily done and it automatically syncs between devices.

Google Drive

It’s been around for little more than a year but rumours about it have been circulating since 2006. Google Drive is a supreme mix of online office suite and cloud-based storage: you can create, share and edit documents with changes synched between users and devices; and its sharing options will aim to put an end to the tedious activity of attaching files to emails.

Last Pass Password Mgr Premium

Many of us have a whole raft of passwords for email accounts, website logins and so on. Remembering and keeping them secure can end up being quite a burden – that’s where a password manager comes in. LastPass might not be the easiest to use but offers access to your password vault, auto-fill forms and can be used to enter login details for websites.

WhatsApp Messenger

There are slicker-looking apps out there for communication but WhatsApp’s simplicity has made it immensely popular. Send unlimited text, photos and sound-bites across multiple platforms, not just android.


If you run a WordPress blog then the app is a great free investment if you find yourself needing to blog while away from your computer. It’s the most popular blogging platform and app users can create drafts, edit posts and approve comments from their mobile device.

Swype Keyboard

A badly designed keyboard can make typing a chore, so what if you’ve bought an android device and love all its features except the keyboard? You can download Swype as a replacement – it lets users swipe a finger across several letters to form a word and even has a talk-to-text feature.


It doesn’t have the catchiest of taglines – “turn your smartphone into a geniusphone” – but Tasker might just live up to it. You can command your phone to perform certain tasks when you interact with it – for example, turn the wi-fi off by putting your phone face down or automatically play music when you plug headphones in.

Check (Formerly Pageonce)

Managing your finances can be a time-consuming affair so it pays to make things easier with a dedicated app like Check. It securely stores all your card details, keeps track of your outgoings and bank balances, and helpfully reminds you when to pay the bills.


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