The Lumia 1020 – 5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to

The Lumia 1020 – 5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to



Nokia’s latest and greatest device on the mobile market is the Lumia 1020, and it’s got some serious specs where it matter – The Camera. However, you may be really asking yourself if this is the mobile device, and that’s where we come in with this Guide: 5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to. You may be on the bench with this one, so I’m here to help you out with a way to get off the bench.

Normally reserved for Tablet’s we’ve decided to expand this segment into Mobile’s because there seem’s to be quite a bit of chatter on The Social Side of things on whether this device is really worth getting or not. So sit back with your cup of cocoa or Beer (we don’t judge), and read our thoughts on whether this phone, really should be your next upgrade.

5 Reasons to upgrade to The Lumia 1020

1.  The Camera – I can give you 41 reasons here, because you’re looking at a behemoth 41 megapixel shooter in a phone. Well technically it’s 34 or 38 mp (depending on Image Ratio) plus an Oversampled 5mp picture as well – but technically the math checks out. When you click that shutter button, the Camera takes 2 images, 1 massive 34/38 megapixel image then a 5 megapixel shot taken from that large image that you can share with your friends. Because of Oversampling, those 5 mp images are much better than any 5 megapixel shooter you’ll ever find. Image quality is superb on both counts, and you’re going to be able to take some incredibly pictures. And because of the Camera, Hipstamatic are making Oggl Pro an Exclusive for the Lumia 1020, something iOS or Android (and even other Lumia’s) don’t get. Expect more along these lines as well with other Devs.

2. Image Quality – I know this expands to The Camera, but the reality is most people are aware that megapixels has become a numbers game more recently. High Megapixels doesn’t always equal a Fantastic image. So you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief when we tell you the Image Quality is Top Notch, and you will be getting great images from the device. You will truly have, the world’s best Mobile Phone Camera and we can tell you there are some really good option’s out there these days when it comes to the camera – but this actually blows phones like the iPhone 5 & Galaxy S4 away here.

3. Portable DSLR  It’s 2013, we won’t lie when we say most people have DLSR’s these days – Whether it’s for That Perfect Instagram Selfie Picture or for amazing Sunsets on the beach, a DSLR is the camera to have. There’s also no beating around the bush that a DSLR will 99% of the time out-do a Phone Camera, but the Lumia 1020 has managed to narrow that gap tremendously. Sometime we even had trouble noticing the differences in the quality when we saw comparisons. A DSLR is also big and bulky, and even the thin-and-light like the Sony NEX range can be quite a weight after some time, so you’re not going to be carrying it everywhere. That’s where the 1020 comes in, weighing in at 158 grams – it can be your portable DSLR for when you find that amazing shot. And yes, you get some advanced Camera controls here, the best shy of a DSLR for those ‘controlled’ shots.

4. Business at the Front, Party at the Back  It may be sporting a monstrous camera at the back, but let’s not forget that this is still a phone. Running Windows Phone, it’s build to be your all in one device which takes images and you can use it for Work, Movies, Entertainment. Microsoft Office is included, being a Windows Phone so you can easily swap between Sunset Photos and that late Presentation from Jeff (because he slept in and he missed his bus. Dammit Jeff). You’ve also got over 160,000 App Choices if you were worried about the lack of apps. The Camera just adds to the Value.

5. Camera Grip – It can be a little uncomfortable to really get into serious photo taking mode with a phone, because it’s hard to hold. Nokia thought of that and created a handy camera grip that actually makes your device look like a mini-DSLR. Not only does it add a good grip – It adds in a 1,020 mAh battery (2/3 hours normal battery, 55 minutes for camera shooting), and it also can be screwed into a standard Tripod for even better pictures. It’ll cost you $79, but we can’t see why you wouldn’t buy this at all because it adds so much.

Source: Engadget

5 Reasons Not to upgrade to The Lumia 1020

1. The ‘Hump’ – While we applaud Nokia for making such a thin body with the 1020 compared to the 808 Pureview, that hump is very annoying. We like to lay our phone’s down on the table and have it sit flat. You’ll never be able to do that with the 1020 unless you put it down screen first (and that’s even worse, what if it *gasp* scratches). A lot of people may be turned off by the hump as well, and we wouldn’t blame them.

2. Specs – Compared to some of the higher end Android Phones, The Lumia 1020 is still only an upper-middle class phone. There’s no 1080p screen, and no Quad-core processor running things inside. There may be 2GB of RAM for the camera, but the missing bit’s just means that the 1020 will always be behind in the specs department (regardless of the fact there’s no lag here) – and people may be put off by not being able to get the latest and greatest in everything.

3. Camera Performance Time – Ok. It hurts to say this because we can understand the reasoning, but it’s still an issue. It’s a big Sensor, so it does take time to start the Camera up, 4 to 6 seconds to be exact. A normal Windows Phone takes 2 seconds and phones like the Sony Xperia Z can turn on and take shots before 2 seconds is up – so you can imagine our frustration at this. You may miss your perfect shot with that time to start up. Then, because the Camera needs to save 2 images (remember, it takes 1 38 or 34 megapixel image, and 1 5 megapixel image each time you click the shutter button), it can take up to 3/4 seconds to save. The good thing here is that Nokia can easily push out software updates to speed these apps up, so the difference could be drastically reduced in the future – but for now, it’s lacking.

4. 32GB of Storage – 32GB is actually a fair bit of storage for most people, but not when you’re taking gigantic images that are between 8 mb and 15 mb. That storage can really drop fast if you’re into your pictures, or if you don’t pay attention to your storage. You’re going to have to get real chummy with your Skydrive folder. We’ve got 25GB but most new users will start of with 7GB. Hopefully both Microsoft and Nokia come together and pump that number up to 25GBa the very least. USA users have AT&T’s own cloud locker storage system, so you’ll be covered for the most part but International users may face trouble on this front. Or at least release a 64GB version.

5. Price – Let’s start with the USA. It’s $300 at AT&T, and that’s ON contract. Considering the Lumia 920 was $99 on AT&T (and the 925 being $99 on T-Mobile), this is not a cheap model. It’s on par with the 64GB iPhone 5, and $100 more than the Galaxy S4 – so it’s got quite a road to climb. Sensor aside, the internals are almost identical to the Lumia 920 so you’re paying that extra $200 (on contract) for the camera. Amazon is also offering the phone off-contract at $749 (A Big price no doubt), though we presume it’s AT&T branded but unlocked. Still, it’s more expensive that any other Lumia phone ever made – and pushing past iPhone territory. Now the wait begins to see how the International Price holds up – but expect around $800. Or maybe it’ll be cheaper who knows.

So there you have it, my personal round up on the the Lumia 1020’s strong and Weak points. Overall personal opinion? If you love photography, and you don’t have a DSLR which you carry around with you everywhere – then get it despite the price, because the results speak for themselves. Check out these websites who have taken pictures with the Lumia 1020 already – Pocketnow, The Verge, Engadget, PhoneArena.

Yes it means a possible change to Windows Phone, a new OS you’ve never used – but the long term results will be worth it. If however you have an S4 or iPhone 5, it’s probably not worth the upgrade unless you want it as a 2nd phone because the camera’s on those phones are pretty good, though not as good as the 1020. Those of you won don’t have a DSLR and predominately use their phones – this is THE phone to get for that. Low light, Outdoor, Videos, you name it – It comes top. The choice is yours at the end, but I hope I’ve helped. Sound off in the comments below if you agree/disagree with anything, or have something to add!

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