Goji Smart Lock is the Smart Lock we want in our homes

Goji Smart Lock is the Smart Lock we want in our homes


Source: Goji

Smartlocks are becoming all the rage these days, with companies left right and centre making smart locks which can be controlled from a computer and/or smartphone. However, despite all the cool technology being placed in them, we’ve been hard pressed to find a smart lock which not only encompasses all the tech available to it in a tiny form factor, but also manages to look stunningly good in the looks department – that is until we came across the Goji Smart Lock by Goji.

Having recently met their funding goal of $120,000 on Indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter), they’ve now overshot their goal and are sitting at a cool $255,000 with 17 days left – so people are most certainly interested in this little bad boy. To give you more of an inside on Smart Locks, they’re the next step up from traditional key and lock combinations by packing Bluetooth (and perhaps NFC) technology, an LED Screen and most probably some form of magic to create a lock which you can open remotely from your mobile device regardless of where you are. Some even allow you to control it via a home based PC (or online).

So how does Goji work exactly? Well for one, it’s controlled completely by your smartphone which in 2013, is pretty much a necessity now. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to work with almost every mobile phone (currently iOS will be the first to get an app, followed by Android & Windows Phone as well), as well as by connecting to your home’s wi-fi. There’s a small battery inside the lock which allows it to keep powered on for up to a year (though the Lock will send out reminders when the battery levels become low). Goji can also be set up to unlock automatically when it detects your phone nearby.


What’s more is that Goji features a small camera on the front that allows it to send a text or email to you of who’s trying to access your door, providing you with visual confirmation of who it is before you allow them access, or who has accessed to door recently. You can also set Goji to unlock at certain times, by sending an electronic key to them which will only be for a one-time use (or more), if for instance you’re at work and you have a house cleaner or guest coming over. They will also need to have a mobile phone to access the house, but we don’t see that being a problem.


But what about those who either don’t have mobile phones (your kids), or those who have no battery left on their phone? Well surprisingly Goji has gone ahead and also included key fobs which can unlock your door similarly to how car key remote’s work. If those fail, Goji also has traditional keys that you can keep hidden till the time to use it arrives. So in essence, you’ll never be locked out because Goji also has a 24 hour help center which you can call in case you lose your phone or get locked out without an alternative (we’d keep that number written down just in case). And if you’re ever worried of being ‘hacked’ – The connections are coded with bank-level encryption to ensure your electronic safety.

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Now as for costs, they are a little in the pricey side but you do get an idea of why this is. Prices start at $235 for 1 Goji Smart Lock, 4 electronic keys, and 2 mechanical backup keys. If you’re looking at more than 1, then $425 get’s you the same as above but with 2 Goji Smart Lock’s as well. $635 get’s you 3. So if you are interested in purchasing or checking Goji out, head on to this link and get yourself one of the best smart lock’s we’ve seen! Shipping starts in January 2014 – so there’s still some time to go but it gives you a chance to plan ahead at the very least. As for myself, I certainly plan to pop for one of these locks, because if there’s an app coming to Windows Phone, then I can’t complain and it would be incredibly useful.

Source – Indiegogo

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