First non-Nokia shots from the Lumia 1020 shown, look very good

First non-Nokia shots from the Lumia 1020 shown, look very good



The Lumia 1020 was announced last week, but expectation’s are already high with regards to the phone’s camera – a gian 41 megapixel sensor guaranteed to make your friends jealous. Whether the phone does come through with regards to picture quality (remember, Nokia’s Lumia range isn’t perfect in this regard) remains to be seen, but if these ‘early’ shots from a AT&T Sales Rep are any indication – we’re almost sold.

Posted on Reddit by goldegl, it seem’s AT&T Sales Rep are, or are soon to receive their Lumia 1020’s for training purposes, so we’re going to be getting quite a few shots in the next few days till the 26th (when it’s launched). Check out some of these HD images posted, and revel in their quality. We’re not sure if these were taken in the default Windows Phone Camera mode, or with the Pro Camera app – though judging by the focusing in the images below, we’re sure at least one of them was used with the Pro Camera app (EDIT: We’re told the Pro Camera App was used, though on Automatic settings).

We’re not 100% sold on the camera’s tech yet, but be your own judge with these early pictures which are quite decent. (Click on the image, then again on the next page to see the full size). Also check out the Vine below at the potential quality you can get with the Lumia 1020. Other than that, we look forward to getting our hands on one soon and trying out the camera ourselves! Step aside Lumia 920!





Source: Reddit

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