3 Reasons Windows 8 Isn’t So Bad

3 Reasons Windows 8 Isn’t So Bad

This is a Guest Post Morgan Sims.

You hate Windows 8 already, right? You haven’t necessarily tried it, but you’ve seen the commercials and you know someone who has it, hates it, and rabidly warns everyone against it. The bad news is that you’re being lied to, because Windows 8 isn’t really as awful as many are insisting— it’s actually pretty cool in several key areas.

The Security Is Tight


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If security is important to you, it’s worth giving Windows 8 a chance. With an increasing amount of phishing scams, trojans, viruses, and other security issues overtaking computers, putting your hard drive and even your personal information at risk, security should rank high for anyone who uses a PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Trouble often starts because people either don’t have anti-virus software or they don’t run it all the time. Some users can’t afford more than basic protection. Windows 8 takes care of that problem by offering a built-in virus protector. It covers everything, from protecting your email to keeping an eye out for both malware and spyware. It watches your cookies, your links, and your file attachments, working at a deep level to keep your computer safe from the inside out.

The Speed Is Second to None

Windows 8 also offers more speed in several ways. It’s fast, and if speed is important to you for gaming, loading web pages, or simply booting up your computer, you’ll want to take a look. If you, like other Windows users, have long since abandoned Windows Explorer in favor of Chrome or Mozilla, you’ll be very happy to know that the new Explorer is very speedy. You’ll need to look at your DSL info to make sure your connection can keep up, because the new browser does best with an equally speedy connection.

Part of the reason the new OS is so fast is due to the fact that it’s designed for netbooks, ultrabooks, and tablets. You can tell, even when you boot up your device. You’ll no longer have to wait ages for all your programs to load, a benefit that has a lot to do with the app interface.

The Interface Is Easier to Use


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The interface actually gets the most complaints, but they’re largely unnecessary. While the tiled desktop takes some getting used to, it actually works better for the avid computer user. If you’re already annoyed about the absence of a Start menu, give the new system a chance. If you absolutely hate it, there are third-party programs to put the Start menu back in place.

By relying on the tiled interface instead of the traditional menu, you no longer have to slog through all of your programs to find what you want. Instead, you just have to type in, say, “Open Office,” “Diner Dash,” or “Chrome,” and it will magically appear. The interface also streamlines your Task Manager, making it easier to see where you’re using all your computer’s resources.

Don’t prematurely judge Windows 8 before you give it a try, even if you head to your nearest computer store and try the demo. Like anything else, it will take some getting used to. But once you have gotten past the learning curve, it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Do you have any Windows 8 prejudices or are you willing to give it a shot?

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  • ThisGuy

    Agreed, my friend says his Windows 8 is “Horrible”… I have Win8 and it’s EPIC! Way better than Win7!