The Missing Apps we want in the Windows Phone Marketplace (2013 edition)

The Missing Apps we want in the Windows Phone Marketplace (2013 edition)


Back in August of 2011, we wrote an article about the Missing Apps that we most wanted in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Since then 6 of the main apps we asked for have become a reality. Firefox & Google+ were the main apps we never got, nor do we expect to see these anytime soon for obvious reasons. However since 2011, Banking and Travel apps have expanded their portfolio worldwide, though some major Australian banks such as Westpac and ANZ have yet to submit a fully functioning app to the marketplace (disappointing really, but Windows Phone users have come to expect that).

Thing’s have certainly changed since then in the number of apps in the Marketplace. In August of 2011, the Marketplace or Store had 30,000 apps. Today, that number hover’s just above 160,000 apps (thanks to //Build/ 2013 statistics), which is a big boost, though the store still falls far behind the iOS and Android app stores which hover around 800,000 apps. It’s not all about quantity, as quality makes a big difference, but the selection of app choices makes a sizeable difference as well.

About 20 days ago, I asked the Windows Phone Subreddit (on Reddit of course) which apps they wanted the most, so the 2013 list is basically a makeup of the most requested apps by the public, and with over 120 comments, you know there are quite a few apps WP users are still craving for.

Side Note: While Official apps would be nice, 3rd party alternatives for Instagram, Vine & Snapchat exist. So we’ve decided to NOT include them in our list because you have access to them in some format or another thanks to some amazing Dev’s.

Tiny Wings








We Have to be honest – till the we asked Reddit, we had never heard nor seen this game before. But from the description, it’s about controlling a bird with tiny wings taking him through hills and over forests and you have to upgrade your bird we believe. We’ll look more into this, but from what see – it only exists currently on iOS (though Android features a similar Tiny Bird’s game). Another game is not something we would say no to, but this is the most upvoted request, so many the Dev’s may want to look into this.

‘Any’ Video Editing App








The Lumia 920 series has one of the best camera’s on the markets, and the video recording feature is no exception. However, and shockingly, the one thing Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have is a Video Editing App, either by Microsoft, Nokia, or a 3rd party while there are plenty on both Android and iOS. Nokia’s Cinemagraph app has some basic enhancing filters, as well as the option to trim or edit the video snipper – so why can’t this be added in by Microsoft in the near future? It hasn’t even been broached as far as we’re aware.

And on that side note, if Microsoft can convince Instagram and Vine to create official apps, imagine the tie in you could have if you combined Instavideo and Vine with Cinemagraph! That would make for an incredible killer combo for the Windows Phone userbase, something which would put it ahead of the masses of iPhone and Android users (for the most part). These kind of ideas if they are floating around Microsoft, are good for everyone. However if this hasn’t crossed their minds – it really needs to. Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot work well together as well. We’ll keep an eye out on this one for you soon.

Streaming Video Apps








Any mainstream streaming app will do at this point in all fairness, even though Amazon Streaming was the most requested and upvoted in this department. This is seriously lacking, and it’s becoming a concern when all around friends are streaming Sport matches or events or concerts on their Android devices. Perhaps this has something to do with the way the Microsoft ecosystem works, but it still would be nice to have these. As quoted by a swantonsoup on reddit “Amazon should make one just to fight Google.” Truer words never spoken, and your move Amazon.









Ok, so we know this has been announced at //Build/ just a few days ago (along with a Facebook app) for Windows 8, but where is the Windows Phone 8 love? Isn’t this the market you’re trying to break into to, rather than re-dominate with Windows 8? Flipboard is a gorgeous reading app that we first used on Android, and instantly were attached to it. There are alternatives on the Marketplace, but frankly they all pale in comparison to Flipboard. Make it happen Microsoft & Flipboard, and for the love of god – sooner rather than next year when we’re all considering chucking away our Windows Phone’s out of sheer frustration that everything moves at a snail’s pace in the Marketplace (rant over).

Big Name Games








Games that everyone else is playing but we are not. We were considering doing a separate section for each game, until we realized that there were just so many big games we were missing currently. Temple Run 2, Candy Crush, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Draw Something 2, Pocket Planes, Bad Piggies, Pitfall, Tap Tap Revenge, Subway Surfers – and these are just a few to name. We’re sure there are at least 100 games out there which are popular which we’re not on the receiving end of.

Alternatively, what’s the point of having a game released which no one plays anymore? For instance – Draw Something and Words with Friends were games of 2000 & late by the time they arrived in the Nokia Store (ie: no one played it anymore). This isn’t something which we hope keeps occurring, because it’s the consumers that lose.









So we don’t really use app, and I personally have never even seen it being used – but I do know plenty of folks who do use it, and are Windows Phone users as well. It’s another social media site and it shouldn’t be too hard to port over (guessing here). SO make it happen please!









Duolingo is another app we haven’t heard of before, but from what we read it’s a great app that helps you learn languages and it’s free! The app uses visuals and words to help you learn the language of your choice (from¬†Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English). It tries to make learning languages fun which could be useful for people like myself who have been wanting to learn Italian for EVER and can never get around to it because of how much work it takes. Why not, another language under the belt never hurts.

And i’m sure very many of you would agree an app like this would be good as well, despite the various good Language learner apps we already have on the Windows Phone Store.


Honestly we could go on and on in this list, but we decided to cut it short here. If you have other suggestions, the comments are open to the floor. Microsoft has always been giving out cash incentives to port apps to their platform, but maybe they need to step up their cash and their intent with bigger Developers for Apps, because that’s what people want. The more quality apps in the marketplace, the better a draw it is to new users. At the end of the day, we can only keep letting Dev’s know what we want and that there is a market for their apps. Reddit is a great place to start, but Facebook and Twitter are great avenues to keep reminding devs that we would LOVE to see their apps on our phones.

The future is still bright though, as the Synergy between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, WIndows RT, and Xbox One seems to be growing closer all the time. But the pace still needs to pick up and soon.


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  • Matthew Hughes

    For me, the most glaring omission is a lack of Starbucks app. Seriously. I have a card. I want to use it. What gives Starbucks?

  • pr0xie


  • Techin5

    Starbucks have said not to expect an official one in the short term future. Disappointing :(

  • Mr.Eff

    Nike+ Running was almost a deal breaker switching from android

  • BusinessGuy

    Square reader. NEED THIS

  • Techin5

    There’s an unofficial app to this that just launched a week ago. I also want Up by Jawbone!

  • Dmitri

    What is unofficial app to use instead of Nike+ Running? I am in shock as well that Windows Phone doesn’t have Nike+ Running in the store :(

  • Techin5

    Contacted them a while back, Android and iOS is still their main priority I believe. Keep sending them emails asking for it, sooner or later they will realize WP users exist.

  • Dmitri

    Exactly! I just sent them another email, asked if they are planning to release anything for WP users :) It is amazing how a huge company like Nike, can’t dedicate 1..2 people for WP…

  • Cri5_09

    I miss flipboard on WP. And some of my friends wont convert to WP just because it wont have Temple Run 2, Subway Surfer or because Angry Birds in not free. Sad, but true.

  • Techin5

    Flipboard is coming very soon!

  • Hosney Inoon