Kaiser Baas CONTACT Speakers Review

Kaiser Baas CONTACT Speakers Review

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Thanks to Kaiser Baas for providing us with this cool new product.

The CONTACT Amplifying Speaker is a speaker for portable devices. This device is a kaiser baas product, with no wires, Bluetooth or other configuration necessary.

 The speaker comes with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, a mini usb to usb cable, 2 trasparent rubber bands (for securing the mobile device to the speaker if necessary), a simple yet fashionable speaker pouch, 2 fluorescent bands, and 3 AA batteries so you can get started right from the get go.


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The product dimensions according to Kaiser baas are 68mm wide, 124mm high, and 38 mm deep. It is large enough to perfectly fit an iPhone 4, with a small amount of room to spare, and is sturdy enough to take a slightly larger phone as well (such as an iPhone 5 or other various devices).

This sleek and relatively compact device is well suited for a desk or tabletop with limited space, and comes with 2 fluorescent bands of different colours (Green and Red), These bands are easy to put on and take off the device, and add some playful character and custom flexibility, which is rarely provided with a new product these days.

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Sound Quality

The overall sound quality of this speaker is pretty good, considering that it is a speaker that operates without the need for any configuration. The technology used in this device is called “NearFA” which according to nearfa.org, “is a new wireless audio technology that allows mobile devices to transmit sound to an amplifying speaker within a short distance”. NFC is also in place for devices which have it inbuilt such as a Lumia 920 or a Samsung Galaxy S4.

The technology appears to be created and promoted by SmartV (who according to smartv.hk are a Hong Kong based developer, service provider and manufacturer of innovative products that enhance the use of TVs, game consoles and other digital products).

The sound quality produced from the use of an iPhone, was good enough to use to amplify music in a study zone, when entertaining a few guests in a smaller space (i.e. a small lounge room), and for general daily use. Whilst the amplification was not overly significant, the sound amplification is more than sufficient to justify the use of the speaker. We also note, that with the limited battery life in most mobile phones, it is useful to carry around a speaker such as this. (We ran the device for about 4 hours with no issues, except a phone call that interrupted the music).


It’s decent enough, and the lack of wires means you can carry this around the house without interrupting your music.


In short, the device is quick, easy, and straightforward to setup and use.

The setup required putting in the batteries, turning on the music player function on the portable music device (i.e. iPhone), placing the device on the speaker, and turning on/off the power button when you need to use the speaker. We had no issues getting the device running –which is a welcome change to the usual configuration or button pressing required in other devices.



The CONTACT Speakers are valued at $59.95 is decent enough, and you probably won’t find speakers this cheap that can connect to most devices using NFC or NearFA. However, do note that these speakers are only good for small to medium sized parties, as there is some sound distortion at the highest volume levels. Pricing wise, it is moderately priced at a tad under $60, but we feel people will be more inclined to go for this if they drop the price closer to below $50.


Techin5 Review Score - Kaiser Baas CONTACT Speakers
Easy to carry around in laptop bag. But not so sleek and small that you can carry in your pocket. Simple, and stylish. Wins points for the fact that it is customisable with the included fluorescent bands
Simple use is the key to the device. However, there are no fancy additions that allow connectivity to other devices unless there is direct contact. Extra point for having both NFC & NearFA
At an RRP of $59.95 online, it appears to be moderately priced for the correct buyer
The device is simple to use, and serves its purpose, with the bonus of some custom looks. Users will find good value, but even better value if the price is dropped $10

Review score 7.5

Jubbin Grewal & Raoul D'Cruz both work at Techin5.