Dell launches new line of Alienware laptops with a new look

Dell launches new line of Alienware laptops with a new look



Alienware Laptops have long been a favourite of ours, despite the criticisms they get due to their pricing structure. As far as laptops go, no one comes close on a mainstream market, and with the update announced at E3 recently, that doesn’t change. With a new iconic design, their first in 4 years, Alienware buyers will be treated to some of the most powerful laptops available right now – powerful enough to breeze through anything thrown at it.

The new models, now called the Alienware 14, 17, & 18 feature a new looks design which Alienware say was derived from a stealth bomber. We can see the resemblance from the back, but we can’t help but think why Alienware didn’t make the device thinner, especially in a world where Ultrabook’s are the next big thing. True enough that this is aimed at a niche market of gamers who like to travel with their gear – but the high price and bulkiness of it will deter plenty. I for one can’t wait till we see an Alienware gaming Ultrabook (though that may never come if Alienware stick with bulky designs). However design wise, gone are the shapely angles and colored lights that took over the front and instead it has been replaced with a¬†magnesium alloy and aluminum casing in a charcoal finish and sleek, angled and rounded edges. All come with Haswell’s new processors, and obviously each machine has different configurations based on what they can cram in there from Dual GTX 780M graphic cards (4GB) in the Alienware 18, to GT 750M in the Alienware 14. All computers also come with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, and up to 32GB in the Alienware 18. Wireless HD Streaming comes included in all and there is 3-4 USB 3.0 ports depending on which model you take.


Oddly enough, Windows 7 is the standard here and Windows 8 is an ‘optional upgrade, albeit free. Pricing wise, the Alienware 14 starts at$1,199, Alienware 17 at $1,499, and the Alienware 18 at $2,099 in the United States, and are available to order today. In Australia, pricing hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but it will be available to order online from Dell late June, and mid-July from JB Hi-Fi stores across the country.

Out thoughts? They design is much more streamlined than they were, but if anything they look too chunky to call it ‘sexy’ though from the from with the screen up, it does looks refined and stylish. However, if you like to game on the move, then this is the perfect machine for you since desktops are a bit tricky to carry around.

Source: Alienware

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