Techin5 get’s nominated for a Tech award at The Lizzes!

Techin5 get’s nominated for a Tech award at The Lizzes!


Well this was certainly unexpected. Here I was having on of the worst month of my life (a post on this soon), and out of nowhere we were told that Techin5 was nominated for an award at The Lizzies (Australia’s Biggest Tech Awards Ceremony)!

Either our hard work and dedication to bringing you the very latest and greatest tech news and reviews has paid of, or this is proof that there is a god – and occasionally he get’s drunk. Hopefully it’s the former reason, but either way we aren’t going to complain. Personal life aside, Techin5 has been having a slow but decent year. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary in March with a Mega Giveaway Month, and it was followed up in May with a Nomination – Not a bad stretch at all, even though we have had to cut down on the number of posts due to outside reasons. Still, it’s a huge privilege to be nominated and we hope you join us in crossing our fingers and wishing us the best of luck when the 10th of May rolls around!

As for the award itself, we’ve been nominated for ‘Best Independent Media’, a new award that showcases the best Tech site that is Independently run and not owned by any corporation, business, or outlet. Having started this out just over 2 years ago with my friend Raoul, we think this is a pretty big achievement and while we hope we win, we wish the best of luck to the other nominees in the category. The 10th of May is just around the corner, and exciting times lay ahead in 2013, regardless of the outcome!

To see the entire list of Nominees for The Lizzies, click here –

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  • Brad Merrill

    Major congratulations, my friend! Good luck!