Play Your Way to Health: Top 5 Gaming Apps that Help You Eat Healthy

Play Your Way to Health: Top 5 Gaming Apps that Help You Eat Healthy

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Playing sport has always been a great way to stay fit, who knew, playing a game on your smartphone could help one say goodbye to fat and hello to fit! But, then again, technology does have a way of telling imagination, “of course it was always possible!”


With the smartphone revolution in full swing, there are numerous gaming apps that help users eat and stay healthy. Here is a list of the best of these apps that can help you transform your body, health and life.

1. Lumosity

A series of brain-training games, Lumosity is for adults who wish to sharpen their minds, targeting five elements of cognitive function including processing speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem-solving.

The games herein are designed such that they test and strengthen these cognitive abilities while the player has a great time, while making those grey cells work out and sweat!

2. Zamzee

One of the most popular mobile health games for kids, Zamzee is known to have shown many positive results in children fighting obesity. The game awards points for physical exercise, even walking, and with the increasing intensity of exercise, points earned increase as well. These points can then be shared on popular social networking sites.

The virtual reward system encourages children to exercise more and thus achieve better results.

3. Death Panel

This iPhone application is interesting and unique. Here, the user assumes the role of a politician who is trying to build up a constituency; his test is to answer health-related questions from an anxious public.

On answering correctly, the politician scores points, and one can share their scores on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4. OptumizeMe

This application focuses on increasing the fitness levels and improving eating habits of lazy adults. Capitalizing upon the power of social networking, the application developers have designed OptumizeMe to function as a community whose main objective is to challenge others to fitness and food tests.

For instance, people can challenge a particular friend to run 5 miles, have an arm-wrestling match, each certain health-foods, do 30 crunches and so on; the results of the challenges can then be shared with other friends.  So, it’s essentially like a virtual Buddy project.

5. Lit: A Game Intervention For Nicotine Smokers

While this app is still being developed, it deserves a mention here. This is because of its novel objective and progressive idea of helping people quit smoking.

Players will be required to breathe onto their phone’s microphone. They will then receive an audio-visual response that shall imitate the physical and physiological effects of smoking that are the cause for addiction.

Developers are hoping that the application will act as replacement therapy – people will reach out to this game and not a cigarette to get a ‘rush’.

Health gaming has definite potential in contemporary times. With various applications encouraging and guiding people to stay fit, staying ‘appy and healthy has become more fun that it ever was!

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