Nokia Lumia 920 vs Lumia 925 vs Lumia 928 (Battle of the Lumia 920 Series)

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Lumia 925 vs Lumia 928 (Battle of the Lumia 920 Series)

920's comparison


With the Lumia 925 & the Lumia 928 being announced in the last week, in addition to the already available Lumia 920, we thought this would give us a good oppurtunity to figure out which phone from the 920 series is the best. They all have their strong points and they all have weaknesses against one another, but our job here is the find out which device is the most practical to use, in addition to the specs above.

In essence, the 920, 925, & 928 are exactly the same phones under the hood, with the exception of the 925 having an addition lens ring compared to the other two models. They all otherwise have the same specs in the power department, so in that sense it is impossible to differentiate the models like we usually can. However where they do differ is in the build quality and hardware side of things, which we’ll delve deeper in the section below. One thing to note is that the Lumia 920 is already available globally (and is an AT&T exclusive in the US), the 925 is expected to be launched globally as well next month (while being a T-Mobile exclusive in the US), and the 928 is expected just to be a Verizon exclusive, and we don’t see it being launched globally.

What we’ve done below, is picked some real world categories and given each phone a rating out of 5 based on the individual category, as an addition to the table above. These are our opinions, and you are free to have different opinions but that’s how it stands. At the end we’ll get the average over all the categories and put our winner at the bottom. Remember, all rating’s are out of 5, with 5 being the best. So which Lumia wins in the practical side of things? Read on to find out!

Phone Looks

  • Lumia 920: 4
  • Lumia 925: 4.5
  • Lumia 928: 4

This is an incredibly tough one considering that they are all sexy devices. Nokia is known for that with their Lumia line, and the 920 series is no different. However, all 3 devices look very different and when turned off, they could all be mistaken for different phones completely (and not just refreshes). We love the 920’s look – it’s different, but bears a striking similarity to the 900, 800 and Nokia N9, making it the least unique phone of the lot. The 928 features a thinner, squarer phone with less rounded corners. It’s nice, but doesn’t exactly scream ‘buy me now’. It also looks like a rather big HTC 8X, but we still feel it’s a fine looking phone.

Because of that, Nokia have decided to innovate the 925 for T-Mobile, and added in a steel frame, made it slimmer and it comes in Silver! There’s also a Polycarbonate backing, so the high quality plastic isn’t completely thrown out. The bigger camera lens also adds a different style to the phone, and despite the tiny bump around the camera protruding out from he phone – we like it! Half a mark off the fact that you have to add on covers, and it looks a little odd to us.


  • Lumia 920: 3
  • Lumia 925: 5
  • Lumia 928: 4

Let’s not beat around the bush with this one. The 925 is slimmer, thinner, lighter and more portable than the other two phones. It scores a perfect 5 because they’ve really addressed the issues with this one, an issue which was prevalent in the 920 with size and weight. The 928 is also slimmer and lighter than the 920, however, not by as large a margin as on the 925. The 920 is the fattest and heaviest, and while that does appeal to some people, it won’t to most so it scores the lowest here with the 928 slotting in between both devices.

Camera Technology

  • Lumia 920: 4
  • Lumia 925: 4.5
  • Lumia 928: 4.5

We don’t know how well the 925 or the 928 will fare in the camera department, but all three cameras have the same technology and specs. The difference here is the added 6th lens (the other two have 5 ring elements) in the 925 which should in essence make it better a little in low light shots, and much better in day time shots than the 920. The 928 also sports a much brighter Xenon Flash, which easily outdoes Dual LED Flash, but can lead to blinding you for a minute if you’re looking (that’s how powerful Xenon, and that’s a good thing). Apart from Xenon, the 928 seems to have the exact same camera specs as the 920, but with enhanced camera algorithms which should assist in better daylight shots. Hopefully this is an update than will make it to the 920 as well, which should put it on par with the 928. Again the 925 leads the way here thanks to it’s extra lens, but the lack of a Xenon flash stops it from getting a perfect score.

Cool Factor

  • Lumia 920: 3.5
  • Lumia 925: 4.5
  • Lumia 928: 4

Another tough one. First, they all run Windows Phone 8 which isn’t exactly considered ‘cool’ next to an iPhone for whatever reason. However, it’s unique look and feel does put WP8 in prime position for those looking to try something new. These are all Nokia phones so they’ll also have the same software, and same exclusive Nokia Apps, and the same smoothness.

However, if we were to speak about the entire phone We would say the 920 offers to least cool factor out of the 3. It’s older, fatter, slower, and can be attributed to Hip Uncle almost. Because it’s not as cool as the other two, but it’s still cooler than many other phones out there. The 928 with it’s different design an first flagship wp8 phone from Nokia to hit Verizon makes it an interesting prospect for others. However, it’s still not unique enough to be very cool. But that’s where the 925 comes in. Different look, different design, and swappable covers could make it the coolest kid on the block. However, it’s still a Windows Phone, so we could never truly give it a 5/5 till the marketshare picks up and people clamber over each other trying to get the first new Nokia. It’s still different enough to be the coolest phone of the lot.


Lumia 920 – 3.6

Lumia 925 – 4.6

Lumia 928 – 4.2


Surprise, surprise, Nokia’s latest and greatest phone is the Top Dog in our latest Phone Comparison Guide. I know it sounds like we’re kind of biased for this device, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the lowest ranked phone in this guide, the 920 is our phone of choice and we see no reason to change the phone for any device in the near future. It’s done right by us, and we’ll keep it thus far. Though those of you who don’t have a 920 series phone yet, and aren’t locked into any particular big carrier in the US have some clear cut choices. It’s really between the 928 and the 925, both of whom are locked to different carriers, and have their strong suits. At the end of the day, you’re getting a Nokia Lumia device, a great device by any margin.

Globally, you’ll only be looking at the Lumia 920, and the 925 from next month onwards. If you’ve been looking at a Lumia device, but haven’t decided on what to get, then the Lumia 925 looks to be your best choice in this matter. If you can’t wait, the Lumia 920 is a good device, regardless of the ranking in this comparison.

Remember, we’ve taken a comparison of the specs in the table above, and then added in another section of Real World usage of the phone. The choice at the end of the day is yours, but we’ve given you the platform from which to choose your next Flagship model. Let us know in the comments if you agree/disagree with our statements, and which phone you plan on buying. Till then, Hail the all new Lumia 925.

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