Amcom Leads the Field as Data Centre Solutions Provider

Amcom Leads the Field as Data Centre Solutions Provider


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For businesses, the Australian-based company Amcom provides unparalleled data centre services. The centres, spread across the country, provide effective ways to store, manage, and distribute your data. Enjoy the confidence of pairing with an off-site data centre that effectively secures your data on a fibre-optic network with MPLS core.

Data Security

Your information is sensitive and vital to your business. The data centre services keep your valuable information safe in one of its secure off-site locations. The provider has facilities across Australia; you choose the location that suits your company best.

Security measures at each data centre guards against data theft. Each facility has video surveillance. Security clearance procedures and approvals limit who can enter the buildings. Amcom also enforces strict policies as to which personnel have data access.

While data security is high priority for data centre services, it does not prevent your company from accessing its own information. High-speed connections at data centres provide you information quickly within a complex fibre optic network with MPLS at its core.

Backup Services Protect against Data Loss

Your company data is unique. When duplications are not possible, security of the data is paramount. Loss of information could stall your business operations, cost large amounts of money and could lead to bankruptcy of your enterprise.

The data centre services backup your data and monitors the process to ensure no technical issues occur with the backup. Your data security is priority. The provider plans ahead to eliminate risks of information loss by using system redundancies, such as UPS and backup generator equipment at each data centre.

Equipment up-time continues even when external power outages occur, to ensure you always have access to the data. In addition, precision cooling systems keep the servers working in top condition any time of day.

Thoroughly Understand Business Needs

Amcom understands its data centre services need to be flexible and expand along with growth of your business. For maximum flexibility, Amcom can upgrade the mains power and manage additional data, as your company requires, on its servers.

Strong Reputation in the Business Community

Amcom has 13 years of services in ownership and administration of data centres. In the Australian business community, the corporation has a reputation as experts in the storage and maintenance of data.

With over 360 highly skilled people spread across the country, the provider understands how to maintain reliable networks and meet customer needs. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company is ASX-listed and it won the prestigious 2012 Isilon Specialist Partner of the Year award from EMC.

If you would like more information on data centre services from Amcom, visit their website.

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