Telstra’s Vision for a Connected Future (Video)

Telstra’s Vision for a Connected Future (Video)

Telstra Warhol

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In the last year, we’ve shown you quite a few videos with different companies having different visions for the future, but some of those videos are so extreme that we doubt we’ll see some of the tech in our lives. Telstra’s vision is a little closer to our time though, and frankly we expect a lot of the tech shown in the video to be available within the next 2 to 15 years.

This however is Telstra’s Vision – Telstra reveals a vision of Australia’s future complete with internet connected specs, Tablets that roll up like a newspaper and fridges that message you when you have run out of milk. It’s quite fascinating to watch, we we enjoyed the video quite thoroughly. Some of the technologies border on technology that could be out next year, some which we’ve seen in sci-fi movies, and some which are quite cool.

Frankly, if this is to come soon – sign us up right now! It’s an exciting future, but don’t take our word for it! Go on then, click on the video below and enjoy!

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