Techin5 turns 2 next month, we launch Techin5’s March Giveaway Month

Techin5 turns 2 next month, we launch Techin5’s March Giveaway Month

Ti5 2 years

Well, we’ve almost made it to the big 2! That’s right folks, next month (March 7th to be precise) is our 2nd year anniversary since we launched Techin5, and it’s been an amazing ride since we started. Life hasn’t been the same for myself as Head Editor of Techin5 since I started, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be possible without any of our past and present writers! Of course, even more so we owe it to the readers – you! Without the readers, this website would have gone into hiding long ago, so we thank you for reading Techin5, especially our long time readers.

In fact, even though it’s our birthday (and really we should be the one getting presents), we’ve teamed up with some amazing companies to give you all, the readers, a chance of winning some great prizes! Since we didn’t give anything away for our 1st birthday, the Techin5 team has decided to make the entire month a Giveaway month! So because of that, we’re launching Techin5’s March Giveaway Month, where every week during the week of March we’re planning on giving away a new prize! Excited yet? We know we are!

Take a look below at the giveaway schedule, and be sure to bookmark this page because we will be updating the page in the coming days once we finalize the details with the respective companies. We’ve even decided to splurge some of our own money in certain giveaways, so you can be sure you’ll be getting the chance to win some cool stuff!

  • Week 1: Game Week – 3 Copies of Medal of Honor Warfighter + EA T-Shirts (Australia Only) & 5 Beta Keys of Dota 2 (Worldwide Contest)
  • Week 2: Android device Week 1 – F1658 Android Phone (Worldwide)
  • Week 3: Android device Week 2 – Samsung Galaxy Note II (Australia only)
  • Week 4: Accessory Week 1 – Dell U2913WM Monitor (Australia Only)
  • Week 5: Accessory Week 2 – 4 Microsoft Wedge Mice (4 for Australia, 1 Worldwide)


  • Week 1 starts on the 1st of March
  • Week 2 starts on the 8nd of March
  • Week 3 starts on the 15th of March
  • Week 4 starts on the 22nd of March
  • Week 5 starts on the 29th of March

Each giveaway item/set will last anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks dependent on the giveaway, so please pay close attention to the starting and ending days if you want to enter. As always, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below. As always, bookmark this, and you’ll see the rest of the prizes within the next few days! T&C’s apply, so please read those when they get released with the corresponding giveaways.

March is definitely shaping up to be an amazing month for everyone!

Founder and Chief Editor of Techin5, currently based in Melbourne Australia. Has always had a deep appreciation of Technology and how it helps people, which led to the birth of Techin5. You can follow me on Twitter at @jubbing and on Instagram
  • Michael Aulia

    Happy early birthday and hope we can win some prizes! 😀

  • Techin5

    Thanks 😀 Except for week 2 you can 😛

  • Michael Aulia

    Haha was going to say it on my original comment, but didn’t want people to think that I was showing off as one of the sponsors 😉 you ruined it

  • Techin5

    Hey you said it, not me 😛

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