PS Vita get’s price cut’s in Japan, rest of the world to follow soon?

PS Vita get’s price cut’s in Japan, rest of the world to follow soon?


The PS Vita is undoubtedly the most powerful mobile gaming console in the market, but it’s also outrageously priced, especially when you consider you can potentially get a PS3 for only slightly more. That isn’t to say the PS Vita isn’t completely worth the price, after all some of the game graphics look mind blowing. However, poor battery life and high costs have meant the PS Vita could almost be considered a failure because it’s not exactly selling like hot cakes. In fact, due to the to it’s high price, even the original PSP has been outselling the Vita in certain markets. Aside from the below average battery life, the price is certainly it’s weakest point, but even that looks set to change soon – starting with Japan.

Sony Japan has finally announced an official price drops for both the 3G (30,000 Yen) & Wi-fi models (25,000), to 19,980. That basically translates to a drop from $310 (3G) & $260 (Wi-fi)  to $206 AUD for both models. That’s practically up to a 66% discount, showing Sony has either been able to lower production costs, or they’re willing to take a profit cut per unit sold to shift more units – which to us seems like a smart movie. It’s also worth noting that the 3G versionad & the Wi-fi version are now both at the same cost (strange, we know).

Not in Japan? Worry not, because we believe that in 2 days (when the PS4 is likely to be announced), the PS Vita is largely expected to drop it’s price around the world! By that notion, the most expensive Vita in Australia is the 3G version, which retails for $378 (ouch I know), could expect to drop to $250 if the same discount is applied. It’s not 100% confirmed that the price drops are imminent for European/Australian/American markets, but it seems that if Japan is getting a price cut, history shows that the rest of us might get one as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Vita, your time may soon come.

Source: Engadget

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