Libratone Speakers updated to work with Android and Windows Devices

Libratone Speakers updated to work with Android and Windows Devices



Libratone Speakers, who all well renown for their portable speakers and high-end audio for smartphones, tablets, and computers, have finally decided to update their speakers to support Windows and Android devices, via DLNA. This means all Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows Phone and Windows PC’s will now be able to play music through Libratone speakers, opening up a whole new market for Libratone.

Designed in Scandinavia, these speakers were originally designed only to work with iPhones & iPads since 2011 thought Airplay, but it seems like the Android and Windows Juggernaut was too much for Libratone to handle, and they decided DLNA was the best method to stream music from your device to Libratone speakers. The update also extends PlayDirect technology, originally developed for Libratone Zipp, to the Libratone Live and Lounge, enabling the speakers to work without the need for a Wi-Fi network or complicated setup. Applying the update is easy by downloading or updating the Libratone iPhone app.


As long as you’re in a wi-fi range, DLNA works great and streams seamlessly, though we cannot comment on how the sound quality would be like (though we would guess Libratone would have put lot’s of research and development into making their speakers sound great with DLNA).

Those of you with Apple products can download the app here, and as for everyone else, you’ll need a DLNA app of some sort, or DLNA set up on your Windows Based machines. Feel free to ask in the Techin5 Forums if you have any queries regarding how to set up your DLNA connection. As for the speakers, they range anywhere from $39 to $1,299, feel free to head to the Libratone website to check out their products as well.

While we’ve never tried Libratone speakers, we’ve heard nothing but good things about them, so feel free to let us know how your Libratone speakers are.

Source: Libratone Media

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