Instagram not on Windows Phone devices, because the CEO of Instagram ‘hates’ Microsoft?

Instagram not on Windows Phone devices, because the CEO of Instagram ‘hates’ Microsoft?



Instagram is easily one of the most popular apps on the iOS & Android marketplace. The ability to add ‘photo effects’ and slightly edit photos, and then share them with your friends has certainly been a huge draw for many teenagers and adults alike, and it’s almost become a necessity app for some, as opposed to a luxury app. In fact, it’s so popular that it has almost become a reason for people to stay or change platforms, which in a way makes sense – even thought a single app shouldn’t in theory make that kind of difference.

We’d say that Instagram has almost become a status symbol for Android and iOS, the two leading mobile platforms in the market today. In theory, for a platform to be considered a big player by everyone (whether they use it or not), they would need Instagram on it. Which is why the lack of an official Instagram on the Windows Phone platform may just be what is holding it back from truly being considered a big Operating System. The Windows Phone operating system clearly has a lot going for it – It’s the fastest growing platform in the world (an average YOY growth rate of between  124% to 150%), it’s nearly the 3rd biggest OS in the world (a market share of about 2.5% worldwide), and people are suddenly becoming aware of the platform in all parts of the world (while slow, it’s better late than never to be honest). This is especially helped by the Nokia Lumia 920, being one of the most technologically advanced phones in the market, being sold out all over the world. The groundwork has finally lined up for Microsoft to really push their OS into people’s hands with the help of Manufacturers, but the question remains – ‘where is Instagram?’

The answer could be as simple as this – ‘The CEO and co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, hates Microsoft’. Now hate is quite a strong word, but if he really truly does hate Microsoft, he could very well be the reason why Microsoft can’t claim to have Instagram on their Operating System. That, added to a rather small market share for the WP OS (as compared to iOS and Android) means that Windows Phone users may continue to wait for some time. Of course, it might not be that Kevin hates ‘Microsoft’ as a whole, but it could potentially be Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft. Everyone know’s that Ballmer is a very passionate about Microsoft, thought he isn’t the most tactful person in the world. He may very well come off as boisterous and his proudness may be mistaken for arrogance. Or maybe Microsoft didn’t hire him when he was younger? Of course, we’re just dabbling in our own thoughts here, because the truth is we do not know what exactly about Microsoft Kevin hates.

You may be asking yourself how we came to know about this? Anyone who reads Techin5 knows we really don’t dabble in ‘rumors’, and we most certainly don’t consider this to be a rumor. Well we received a tip from a very reliable source (someone who is ‘in the know’, that someone from the Nokia camp dropped this bit of ‘news’. It’s as close to official we can get as this stage folks, without it officially being.. er.. official.


There is however a silver lining to this story, in that Facebook have recently bought Instragram, as most of you are aware. To top that off, Microsoft actually owns 1.3% of Facebook which may not seem like much, but in reality it’s enough for Microsoft to drop some subtle hints off with Zuckerberg and co to filter down the Food Chain. Or you know, Microsoft could drop some cash in order to bring in this huge app for their ecosystem (it’s not like Microsoft doesn’t have the money). Of course, if Microsoft doesn’t move on this – there’s not much that will happen. Because if Kevin Systrom truly hates Microsoft, or has a personal vendetta against Microsoft, even a push from Zuckerberg might not exactly persuade Kevin to push on right away.

Microsoft’s only hope is to really push their platform (marketing hasn’t been top notch as of yet), increase their marketshare and hope Instagram come to their senses, and develop a true blue Windows Phone Instagram App. Or you could sign this Instagram WP petition and hope that works as well.

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  • Johan

    No matter what it is, it is very unprofessional!

  • Pertti Huhtaluoma

    I love this CEO! :)

  • keke

    ” Because if Kevin Systrom truly hates Microsoft, or has a personal vendetta against Microsoft, even a push from Zuckerberg might not exactly persuade Kevin to push on right away.”

    Oh yeah? It bloody well should considering Zuckerberg paid atleast 10 times too much for his mediocre app. If Systrom thinks FB bought their precious filters or him as some sort of an visionary CEO he’s really out to lunch – they we’re just buying the users (at a ridiculous prize) and the Instagram “community”.

    Just based on that this thing should be released on every god damn device just like Facebook.

  • norrig

    Facebook is not even on windows phone… (at least an official)