Nokia Lumia 920, 820, & 620 Pricing & Release dates announced for India

Nokia Lumia 920, 820, & 620 Pricing & Release dates announced for India


Indian’s have been desperately waiting for the new range of Lumia’s to be released and India and it seems that Nokia India has finally announced both availability and pricing for all 3 new models, which should please some of our Indian viewers. To start with, both the Lumia 920 & the Lumia 820 are launching tomorrow (11th of Jan) and will be available in stores around the country (we presume major cities for now, expanding to more cities over the coming days to weeks). As has been the case around the world, stock has been limited so make sure to try and get in quickly because  these phones have proved to be popular, especially the flagship model – The Lumia 920.

As for pricing, the Lumia 920 has been announced at Rs 38, 199 (AUD $660) while the Lumia 820 has been announced at Rs 27,599 (AUD $477), and as for the Lumia 620, pricing has been announced yet because the phone won’t be launching till early February, but it’s expected to be in the sub Rs 14k region.


As for bundles, the Lumia 920 comes bundled with the Airtel Package. You get 2GB of Data, free for 3 months so you can download your heart away (though we doubt the phone is subsidized in any way or form). The Lumia 820 is bundled with Vodafone and you get the same 2GB package for 3 months free. Decent packages if you want to get into data packaged we suppose.

Overall a decent pricing scheme for the Lumia’s in India, and the Lumia 920 is priced at $30 cheaper than in Australia, we can’t help but feel locally that the Lumia 820 could have priced slightly lower to compete with the HTC 8S’s price of Rs. 19k. Though it’s a little superiour in specs, we don’t believe it really has enough to draw customer over to it based on price. We assume that’s where the 620 comes in, for the lower end market, though we won’t see that till Feb. So head on down to your local Nokia stores and pick up a Lumia today!

Source: Nokia India

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