Is this Twitter Dress the future of Fashion Tech?

Is this Twitter Dress the future of Fashion Tech?

Being as we are all men here at Techin5, we most probably be putting on a dress anytime soon (save for drunken birthday rampages), let alone a Dress which shows tweets using LED’s. While we’re not sure how comfortable it may be, it certainly does look intriguing and if anything, it’s sure to stand out from the crowd in a Club or Lounge (or any rather dark room).

The dress itself was designed by Cute Circuit, a British based Fashion Based company that is a Pioneer in the field of ‘wearable technology’. And it doesn’t hurt that the dress itself was modelled off by non other than the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger (most famously known for being the lead singer of the now defunct Pussy Cat Dolls). The dress itself has been designed with Twitter in mind, to show off tweets (though we are unaware of who’s or how often at this point). It’s been designed from silk chiffon and speckled with hundreds of glittering Swarovski crystals and thousands of LEDs to display tweets in real time. It doesn’t exactly seem the most practical, considering it would be hard to read, but we can see how this would be a draw for twitter addicted celebrities. The dress itself isn’t an original concept, but it does look the most refined out of the lot, but we still can’t see this being a practical dress, not yet at least.

As for availability and pricing, nothing has been announced but you can be looking skywards of $1,500 considering the materials and design. Not cheap, but then again this dress is aimed at a specific kind if buyer. We’ll update the article if we find out more about pricing, but until then be sure to check out the other images below.

Source: Fashioning Tech

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