EA pimps out a Lamborghini Gallardo, ushers in NFS: Most Wanted in Style

EA pimps out a Lamborghini Gallardo, ushers in NFS: Most Wanted in Style

Thanks to Electronic Arts (EA) and their PR team, and the fact they had the greatest idea ever of turning a Lamborghini Gallardo into ‘free’ taxi for an upcoming game promotion, I got to actually ride around in said ‘taxi’ for a good hour plus. It was exhilarating and it was probably my first time in a super car, much less a top of the line ride. The game in question here is Need For Speed: Most Wanted, which we’re sure you’ve gathered from the many pictures I’ve attached.

Most Wanted was released on November 1st around the world, and this was meant to come out around then (the article) but the lack of internet in my travelling has hampered me from posting this till now.  The best way for you to have found out more about this ride is to check out the #mostwantedtaxi hashtag on twitter for all your needs.


We’ll onviously go picture set by picture set to give you an idea of the day. My day started up at 6:30am, with a swift check out followed by a jump into the car at 7:00am. Early yes, but Gallardo over sleep any day. The first thing you’ll notice is that the car is orange. Very Orange. That’s actually a big reason for why EA hired out a Orange Lamborghini, over a newer Aventador – The games main Lambo is orange and this was the only orange car they had in stock (the company that owns the car). Made sense to us, and we loved the car no matter the color. And yes, that’s me posing with the Lamorghini in front of the Opera House.


As you can see, the car is smaller than you would expect, with an engine at the back and the tinniest of boots in the front (enough space for a bagpack). Though that comes so tall people like me (6″1 feet) can fit comfortably in the seat. My driver Joe was fun to hang out with, and made the ride enjoyable as the seats weren’t the most comfortable in the world – it is after all a track car more so than a road car.


Sporting killer looks from any angle you looked at it, this sexy car was the talk of whoever it passed with onlookers (and especially real taxi drivers) whipping out their phones and taking as many pictures as they could. I can’t blame them, if I was on the outside I’d be doing exactly the same thing because how often do you see a Supercar pimped out to be a ‘taxi’? Not very often would be the correct answer.


My ride consisted of a small tour around the city, with stopping points at the Sydney Opera House and Bridge. Both landmarks, coupled in with a gorgeous day and a sexy ride provided some of the most memorable pictures I’ll take, at least for the time being. We also managed to cruise down towards the airport, albeit in medium traffic so we could get a feel of the cars acceleration and driving comfort (don’t worry, all in legal speeds rest assured).


Shots came nice and easily in the car, and Joe was very helpful in explaining all the different aspects of the car, the business and the promotion where they had picked up different people from a schoolboy to a house mum.

Shot of the day with a beautiful panorama of the Opera House and Bridge with the sun starting to shower warmth rays onto the people of Sydney.

The car wasn’t half bad inside either, though it’s much prettier on the outside for obvious reasons. Overall, it was a fun day, a fun ride, and an absolutely awesome promotion. Commendations to the folks at EA for brainstorming this idea and we hope to see many more of these events (especially in Melbourne) down the line. For now, check out #mostwantedtaxi on twitter or head on down to a store and pick up your copy of NSF: Most Wanted (it’s a ridiculously addictive game).

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