Best Android Apps For Time Optimization

Best Android Apps For Time Optimization

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In our busy and noisy world you can survive only with the help of time management skills. Much easier to deal with all of this, having an unique helper at hand. And it is possible – you just need to find the right application for your smartphone.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

How many hours a day do you spend on writing sms, emails and calendar entries? With this unique application, you will save much time! Swiftkey has a memory function and learn what you want to say and how you type. This ability can make your typing process much easier and faster.

Business Calendar

With this cool app you can synchronize your Google calendar, create and delete calendars and manage your weekly schedule. This app is indispensable for every busy man because it is impossible to keep all needed things in my head. This app will be a good helper.


Very often, in everyday life we need a handheld portable scanner. This occurs when you want to scan Schedule, medical records, document. Sounds familiar? Then you just need to take advantage of this excellent application. Thus, you will turn your phone into a scanner! All documents are in PDF format, which is convenient for transfer them to other devices.

Advanced Task Killer Pro

Often the cause of the slow work of the device is the set of running applications that clog the operating memory. To solve this problem, there is a perfect assistant – Advanced Task Killer Pro. This application has many advanced features, such as auto kill, ignore list, and many others.


This is another handy and stylish app for task management. With this application you can manage everything: from a simple “to do list” to multitask Projects.


This is a “favorite” application of active Android-users. This is not just a convenient application for  creation and management of “do list”. Astrid can create multiple records, reminders, tags, set tasks by priority. With this, at first glance, elementary app you can manage a full-sized projects easily, just with one finger.

Documents To Go

It is the best mobile office suite from all Android apps. It “understands” all the file formats that you can only imagine. With a help of this app you can view and edit any kind of documents right on your smartphone. You’ll find this app really useful if you have to deal with a bunch of documents.

ASTRO File Manager

This app gives you great ability to manage your files and quickly navigate in different file stores in your phone. And that’s not all its functions. Also, this app can backup files, has a task manager, Bluetooth integration, has text and images viewer and so on.


The last, but not least, useful app for Android is Dropbox. This app lets you log in to your Dropbox on the go, upload, change, view and share files and most of the other things. Forget about the flash drives and disks – now all your files and documents on the go, on your phone.

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