The best audio apps for Android

The best audio apps for Android

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Android may not have the world’s biggest collection of musical or audio apps, but here is a list of a few to get you started for those long trips or commutes.


This is the traditional audio player that most PC users will recognize. It is a free app.

TuneIn Radio

This is an app that streams radio off of the internet which means that you have access to many radio stations from around the world. It does not hold every radio station on the planet, but if you are not in your home town, there is a good chance you will find the radio station of your choice via this app.


Does the same thing as Shazam. You activate it and it listens to the music being played. It then searches through a library of thousands (if not millions) of songs to find the title of the music and the band/group that plays it. At this point in time there is no real difference between SoundHound and Shazam for anyone to recommend one over the other.


This is the same as Jango Radio in the sense that it detects the radio signals in the air and allows you to play them on your phone. The only noticeable differences is that Slacker Radio can be customized and is not available anywhere except in the USA.


This app is the same as SoundHound. You hold up your Android and allow it to figure out which song is playing. Both SoundHound and Shazam alter their libraries and the inner workings (so to speak) on a regular basis. This means that even though there is no real difference between them now–there may be in the future.


This is an audio player that you may expect to see on a PC since it plays an awful lot of file formats and will download any album are that is missing from your library.


This app brags filtering capabilities, which is good if you download a lot of music. It is a skinnable app for those of you who like your apps to be a little more personalized. It does cost money to download however.

Node Beat

This is a visual audio tool where you can create your own music by using the visual music instrument on the screen. It is a nice way of coming up with more unorthodox/less predictable music.

MX Player

This is a bit of a tool bag of music functions. It can decode mostly any type of music file, as well as having a library and sort function, etc.

Jango Radio

This is a radio application that allows you to tune into any signals nearby. It is a free app which is good considering that other apps will charge you for radio stations. Where it is true that other apps charge you money and give you radio stations outside your local area, why would you need any that are outside of your local area? Unless you are outside your home state and are feeling a little home sick.


Sadly not based upon the item of clothing. This app will allow you to tune your electric guitar. It is also not bad for tuning an acoustic guitar if you play it close enough to the Android microphone.

DoubleTwist Player Sync

Bless the creators of this app for finding something that people want, even though they shouldn’t. This app will allow you to sync your iTunes library with the free media player that comes with your Android when you first buy it.

Audiogalaxy Music

You can stream the music that you have stored at home on your home computer to your mobile device no matter where you are. This app is not the greatest idea on the planet since you have to leave your home computer on all day. Plus the memory on your Android should be enough to store a weeks worth of songs on. However, if you do fancy streaming your music from home then this is the best app for the job.

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