The 10 Must Have Gadgets This Christmas

The 10 Must Have Gadgets This Christmas

This is a Guest Post by Ben Skinner of competition site MyOffers who run competitions for consumer electronics and gadgets.

It seems to come around very quickly doesn’t it? Christmas, the holiday season. If you’re anything like me then you will already be worrying about what gifts to buy for friends and family, and be preparing to negotiate the minefield that is Christmas shopping! ‘Will she like this?’, ‘will they appreciate one of those?’, doesn’t he have something similar already?’ – all of those questions will probably be running through your head as you rush around the shops on Christmas Eve. So, in an attempt to leave you better prepared and not lost for ideas in late December, we’ve pulled together a list of the must have gadgets available this festive season.

1. Apple iPad 3

The iPad is Apple’s tablet computer and is arguably the most popular tablet computer available. The iPad 3 (The new iPad) is the latest incarceration of Apple’s tablet and offers a sleek, ultra-fast experience, in a fashionable package. Apple still manufactures the iPad 2, which offers much of the same experience – if a little more slowly, for less money.

Availability: Available now

2. Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is the latest incarceration of Apple’s ever popular smartphone. With modifications to the chassis, screen and operating system, and perhaps most importantly now integrates a 4G LTE enabled modem, the iPhone 5 takes over the iPhone 4S as one of the best smartphones money can buy. However, if the iPhone 5 is beyond your budget you can still buy the brilliant iPhone 4S for a fraction of the price.

Availability: Available now

3. Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s answer to the tablet computer, based around the format of the hugely popular Amazon Kindle (e-book reader). There are two sizes to choose from, and are both equally good depending on your intended usage. The 7-inch tablet is a handy size for maximum portability and the 8.9-inch tablet is great for easier web browsing. Not quite as powerful as the likes of the iPad, but the Kindle Fire offers great usability at a fantastic price.

Availability: Available now


4. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo’s latest foray into the home game console market, the Wii U is, as we have come to expect from Nintendo, a games console with a difference. Instead of using control pads with buttons and analogue sticks, the Nintendo Wii U uses the ‘GamePad’ – a 6.2-inch, 16:9 ratio, LCD touchscreen tablet, with built in microphone, speakers, camera , motion sensors and, of course, the prerequisite control pad-style buttons and analogue sticks. This is the first multi-screen gaming platform ever and promises a totally unique gaming experience.

Availability: Available from 30th November

5. Sony PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is an incredibly powerful handheld games console, providing the same level of computing power as the PlayStation 3 in a fully portable package. Offering a large, high definition, super-bright screen, the PlayStation Vita is what all hard-core gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Availability: Available now

6. Leapfrog LeapPad 2

The LeapPad 2 is the latest incarceration of the LeapPad tablet – an immersive, and educational, tablet computer for 3-9 year olds – with tons of apps to download. The LeapPad2 includes two digital cameras, capable of capturing still and motion images at up to 2MP. Featuring a faster processor, more memory, and improved battery life, the LeapPad 2 is a great way to introduce kids to computer-based learning.

Availability: Available Now

7. Samsung Galaxy S 3

The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s entry into the upper echelons of super-smartphones. Featuring a class leading 4.8-inch 720p screen, quad-core processor, and an 8MP camera in a super-thin and lightweight body, the S3 is the pick of the Android-powered smartphones.

Availability: Available Now

8. Xbox Kinect

The Kinect is a hit with both serious and casual gamers. It offers completely hands free gaming, using clever cameras mounted within a glossy black box to observe and translate your body language and movements to create a brilliantly engaging gaming experience.

Availability: Available Now

9. Sony Sonos Play:5

Sony’s Sonos wireless speaker system is one of the best consumer speaker systems on the market. Removing the need for messy wires trailing between amplifier and speaker units, the Sonos Play:5 allows you to stream audio from virtually any Wi-Fi connected music source, such as your iTunes library, Spotify and Napster, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows. Controlling the Play:5 is easy using free apps for your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad.
Availability: Available now

10. Apple TV

The Apple TV is a must have gadget for all tech-lovers. Allowing you to connect to iTunes and movie steaming services in HD, and stream media content stored on other Apple devices such as iPads and iPods, directly to your TV, the Apple TV is a fantastic bit of kit. Use the included remote control, or take advantage of iPhone and iPod apps to control your new fully interactive media library – all through your existing TV set.

Availability: Available now

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  • AR

    Thanks for the great recommendations! I’ve shopped around frantically
    too many times on Christmas Eve that this year I’ve decided to actually be
    prepared. I’ve definitely come across some good ideas thanks to you as well, so
    I appreciate it! My husband is usually the hardest one to shop for each year,
    so I think I’m going to go the iPad 3 route with him, and get him a Sling
    Adapter that one of my coworkers at DISH recommended as well. My hubby travels
    around a lot for business, so with the iPad and Sling Adapter setup at home
    he’ll be able to use the DISH Remote Access app to watch all of his favorite
    shows, live or recorded, anywhere he goes in the world. I’ve used the app on my
    friend’s iPad before and was really impressed with it, so I’m sure he’ll love it
    too. I’ve also got a few other people in my family covered now too, so that
    makes me very happy! :)