Some Windows Phone 8 features revealed in fan captured pictures of Ativ-S

Some Windows Phone 8 features revealed in fan captured pictures of Ativ-S

At an event held in South Africa showing of the Galaxy Note II, the upcoming Samsung ATIV-S was also on display. Luckily for us, and avid Windows Phone fan and Redditor lariato managed to snap nearly 30 photo’s of new and upcoming Windows Phone 8 features. Some we are already aware of, but some are new to us as you can see in the pictures below.

Some features may (and probably will be Samsung exclusives for the ATIV-S and Samsung windows phone 8 devices). There were something interesting titbits to come out of the album, with one of the more interesting feature being ‘live wallpapers’? Wallet is obviously on board as we know NFC is a big part of the wp8 ecosystem and there’s also a Children’s corner where you can set the phone up to be used by a child to have their own start screen and setup (without the obvious $1,000 app download charge and phone calls). Backing up apps also seems to be on board which should help the move from phone to phone in the future (for texts, apps, and photos). Oh, and offline maps as well, along with the ability to choose what home screen (lock screen) icons to show!

If you want to take a full and closer look at the pictures he snapped, head on down to the source link.

Obviously this has made us very excited for the Windows Phone announcement in less than two weeks, and we almost wish we hadn’t seen these pictures (hey, it helps fuel out anticipation of it!).



Source: Reddit

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