Microsoft Surface Pricing leaks for the US Market, $499 up till $699

Microsoft Surface Pricing leaks for the US Market, $499 up till $699

Thanks to some quick eyes over at the folks from Neowin, it seems that we finally have our first glimpse at the Microsoft Surface RT pricing! As you know, the Microsoft Surface is the first hardware to come out of Microsoft, and it will be available in two version – Surface Windows 8 RT (Tablet only) and Surface Windows 8 Pro (Tablet + Computer)While the Pro version (being the complete portable laptop in a Surface) won’t be available till early next year, the Surface RT is expected to come out around the 26th of October (the same day Windows 8 is officially released). For now though, it seems like we have some firm, Surface RT pricing (something people have been waiting and asking for, for some time now) – The Microsoft Surface RT pricing begins at $499 for a 32GB model without the Keyboard (also known as the Surface Touch/Type cover). That seems like a fair price to us and we feel it competes very well next to the iPad 3 (The new iPad) which costs $599 for the Wi-Fi 32GB model. If however you want to add on a Touch cover (touch keyboard), you can order a 32GB Surface with the cover for $599 – the same price as the iPad 3 without a cover or keyboard!

It’s worth noting that pricing of both the Touch Cover and Type covers are lubriciously priced (coming in at $119.99 and $129.99 respectively). Sure it’s a great piece of tech, but anyone you speak to will agree that’s it’s a bit too much to pay (even when factored in with the pricing bundle, though we can pass that off as ‘fair’ at best). Advantage here being the Touch Cover comes in white only, while the Type Cover comes in 5 different colors for you to choose from (if bought separably).

 If however you’re more interested in the 64GB model for all your games, music, and apps then you’re looking at a flat $699, and a Black Touch Cover is also included. Again, exact same pricing as The new iPad 64GB wi-fi model, with the added bonus of a attachable keyboard.

Personally we believe that the model pricing is fair, but the we do wish the Connectible keyboard would have been quite a bit cheaper (try closer to $80). There is no firm release dates for any foreign countries (including Australia) yet, but expect our pricing to be a tad higher at probably $50 to $100 per model higher.

For your money you’re also getting Windows 8 RT, with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview added on already. Once the pre-order site goes live, you can get your model out to you by the 26th of October if you get in quick. Meanwhile us Aussies will just sit around twiddling our thumbs hoping for Microsoft to answer our prayers for local availability and pricing. Overall we feel the Surface RT pricing could still stand to drop a little lower.

Excited about the pricing? Or do you feel it’s too much to sell well? Let us know below.

Source: Neowin

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