JBL PowerUp speakers and Nokia Purity Pro headsets also available for Preorder

JBL PowerUp speakers and Nokia Purity Pro headsets also available for Preorder

We told you yesterday that Clove had put up various Lumia 820/920 accessories up for pre-order from the wireless charging kits, and the final prices of the package have finally come together.

The JBL PowerUp speakers (pictured above) are one of the most anticipated speakers on the market right now, purely due to the fact it goes hand in hand with the Lumia 920 (or 820 with the charging cover). Using a combination of NFC and Bluetooth, it allows you to wirelessly play music directly from the phone. To top it off, the JBL speakers actually wireless charge the phone while it is wirelessly playing music, something we’re sure not many devices can do right now, if any!

JBL PowerUp for Nokia Lumia is available in CyanWhite and Black at £237.49 + VAT (or $374 AUD). By no means a cheap price, but it’s almost worth it if we could have snagged it for $300 AUD. Also disappointing is how it doesn’t come in Yellow or Red, to match the phones.

Similarly, we’ve also got the Nokia Purity Pro headsets, which connect to the phone via bluetooth and NFC as well. They sounds fairly decent and they’re upgraded from the current models we presume. It’s also got noise cancellation technology on board, which helps in noisy places. The Purity Pro also doubles as a hands-free kit when making calls and includes a 3.5mm connector for wired use with other devices.

Nokia Purity Pro by Monster is available in BlackWhiteYellow and Red at £224.99 + VAT (or $$354 AUD). A little more expensive for sure considering what’s at stake, but these headphones do sound good so it’s worth it once we can hear how they sound over bluetooth (hopefully bluetooth 4.0).

Both models are expected to be released along with the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 in early November.

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