iPad and iPhones vs. New E-Reader Devices

iPad and iPhones vs. New E-Reader Devices


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As if things weren’t confusing enough, now you have more issues to consider beyond Apple vs. Android. You may be tempted to forgo Apple’s latest products, as well as an Android phone, after getting a get look good at the newest e-Reader devices coming from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Before you make up your mind, based on price or spec sheet, let’s consider some differences between these devices. Both of these devices are e-Readers, which means they have been designed mainly to read eBooks, the most exciting new trend on the literary front.

Therefore, right away, you must understand that these models are not tablet PCs like the iPad, nor are they mobile units like the iPhone or Droid (Android) units. They are excellent e-readers, and the newest models just happen to have some excellent add-ons that rival iPad and iPhone—at least if you’re only looking at the peripherals.

Analyzing The Kindle

The Kindle is an eBook reader in its fifth generation. Besides loading Amazon Kindle books and other files, it can also read newspapers, magazines and other digital media. What makes the Kindle unique is that its display can show 16 shades of gray which helps to simulate paper reading, while also minimizing energy. The latest Kindle e-reader (as of September 6, 2012) is only $69 (with ads) or $89 without ads. There was also a special Paperwhite version for slightly more, which comes with WI-FI and 3G—which of course, merits iPad and iPhone comparison.

What about the Kindle Fire model? This is actually an Android compatible tablet-type e-reader with even more potential. However, it does not have an E Ink display. The unit does however have space for 80 apps, as well as a huge database of songs, books and a few movies. It also has its own browser with a cloud-server called “Silk.” Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire does not have 3G, only WI-FI capabilities.

How does the Kindle compare to the iPad and iPhone? One primary disadvantage is that the Kindle Fire does not have a microphone, unlike the iPad, or a camera, unlike the newest iPad and the iPhone. The Fire also lacks an SD card reader and has a much smaller storage areas than other systems.

Another major drawback would be Kindle’s lack of apps. Actually, the good news is that even if you don’t buy a Kindle, you can always download the Kindle App for Android or iPhone/iPad, Blackberry or Windows systems.

Analyzing the Nook

The BN Nook is Amazon’s competitor and boasts many of the same features. Nook’s have eReader software as well as an Android based platform. The Nook is WI-FI compatible and 3G wireless.

Its original design was followed by the Nook Color, and then the Nook Simple Touch, eventually culminating in the Nook Tablet. The Nook Color is still the best system though, and it is slightly higher than the Kindle, with similar hardware specs and a microSD expansion slot. (However, as of this year the unit is priced at $150, which makes it comparable to Amazon Kindle products)

What’s the Final Word?

The Kindle is WI-FI only, as are some of the light-featured iPads. The newest iPad and iPhone are 3G or 4G compatible, and so that could influence your decision. The units that do not have 3G rely on Wi-Fi. Though you can download files in your home, buddy’s house or in WI-FI public areas. (You use a cloud download option to basically hold files till later)

If you are only planning on reading, then a Kindle and Nook might suffice for your plans. However, if you want more apps and more online options, then remember that Kindle and Nook apps are available on all competing systems.

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