How to Help the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

How to Help the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

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Are you tired of your iPhone dying in the middle of the day when you still have people to text? Have you had enough of your laptop running out of power before all of your assignments are due? Follow some simple tips to help prolong the life of the battery that you may or may not be aware of.

Constant On/Off
When you are constantly turning a device on and off, you’re eating up the battery power. You might think that turning your phone off will help to save it, but in many cases, this won’t work. Try to leave your device on for as long as possible when it’s fully charged, and you’ll save at least a little bit of battery.

Controlling App Usage
Sure, you might find yourself dreaming of “Words with Friends” while in class or checking your email like a fiend every free second that you have. However, while these applications are fun, they also drain your battery charge. If you notice your battery running low, put the games away for the day. Having some battery left on your phone is so important in the event of an emergency. If you absolutely must play games throughout the day, bring a car charger with you. While you’re driving from yoga class to dinner out with your friends, your phone can be getting some new life on its battery.

Brightness Settings
When you unplug your laptop, do you notice that the screen automatically goes darker? If not, you need to have a look at your brightness settings. By dimming the lights on the screen, the computer is helping to save battery. Once you change the brightness settings, you’ll likely realize that you get more working time on the laptop. This rule applies for practically any other device with a screen. As long as the device has brightness settings on it, you’re able to adjust it to help save battery. Of course, in some cases, this might not be possible. For example, people with poor eyesight will likely need to leave the settings as they are.

Bluetooth Devices
Bluetooth is an excellent invention. It allows people to talk on the phone while they are driving, but they need not use their hands. A simple push on the steering wheel or voice command is all that it takes. However, these devices really drain your battery. Unless you’re expecting a very important phone call, disconnect the Bluetooth while you’re in the car. Of course, you should absolutely not answer your phone while driving. These calls will just have to wait. Another idea is to disconnect the Bluetooth if you’re just sitting in your car. For example, you might be waiting outside of a friend’s house to pick him or her up.

You’re likely quite tired of having your electronics die in the middle of the car or in inopportune situations. Fortunately, technology works to solve these annoying and pesky problems. In the event that none of the aforementioned solutions work for you, just be sure to always have a travel charger on your person.

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