We launch the Official Techin5 Forums!

We launch the Official Techin5 Forums!

We’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, and when we finally got the time and opportunity to do it, we snapped it up – and the result was the official Techin5 Forums! That’s right folks, our very own Techin5 finally has it’s own forums where you can chat, communicate, discuss, cry (ok maybe not), and just find out things. We’ve launched this to increase the communication between our readers (around 100,000 yearly) and so we can build up our very own tech community.

We did a soft launch before the weekend started just to test out what we’ve been working on for a few weeks now, and to iron out those pesky last minute bugs. It was a success and now we’re opening it up to our very own readers! Now there are two ways of getting to the forums. The first is to click here, which will take you directly to the forums. The second method is to click on the Forums tab on our main navigational menu (it’s highlighted in blue so you can’t miss it).

Following that, don’t forget to bookmark http://forums.techin5.com. Why you might be asking? Well simply because we’ll be having some very forum exclusive giveaways soon, and thereafter from time to time. The only way you’ll be able to actually enter is by registering for the forums (those giveaways won’t be making their way to the website). Once you’ve done that – start discussing! Ask questions. Do what you want, but keep it civil and respect everyone’s opinion. Feel free to ask my anything as well,

To the future!


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