Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 Review

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 Review

Trend Micro have been in the antivirus game for quite some time, a whole 23 years of fighting viruses and making our computers safer in fact! So it should come as no shock to us when we reviewed their latest 2013 iteration, which they believe is their best. In fact, they have 4 different versions for the PC and 1 for the Mac (with a wide ranges of prices and benefits) making it the complete package for your PC’s. Their 2013 version offers a brand new layout and a simpler to use interface – something that most antivirus protection services rarely have so we’re thankful Trend Micro have at the very least redone that. Regardless, we’re here to do a review of the 2013 Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security package so let’s get to it. This version, the Maximum Security 2013 version allows you to installed Trend Micro on 5 devices in total (including PC’s & Mobile devices).

The installation process was rather simple and smooth, as most programs these days. It’s the same as installing any other program, though you have to enter in the CD key (obviously). The entire process should take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer and hard drive (ours took a tad under 10 minutes due to our SSD’s). Of course, that’s an expected part of the process and we had no faults in this area and nothing too complicated that you can’t figure out on your own.

Then comes the actual first look at the program. As you can see from the above picture, the interface is rather simple and set out through a series of tabs, and options within these tabs. On the main Overview page, you get the latest on your computer’s status, as well as the safety summary, options to scan, and options to check out the stats. Furthermore, Trend Micro have gone one up and allowed users to change their background picture (through the plus sign there) – something that really helps improve the look of the actual main screen. Other options include the (PC/Mobile tab where you can set up the PC & Internet Security, tune your system), the Privacy Tab (where you can actually let Trend Micro setup your Facebook Privacy  and Social Networking Protection), the Data tab (where you can save and secure personal data and information in a vault, of which you get 10GB of storage in this version), and the Family Tab (where you can set the Parental Controls of the computer for your children). An easy to set up layout with a rather good ease of use feel about it.

The scanning process, is obviously the bread and butter of the entire process – and in a word it’s great. It’s fast, it’s smooth and it detects any and all viruses/malware files I’ve come across so far. It’s even implemented into your internet browser, so it detects malicious websites and other files that may cause harm to your computer. We run it generally every week since it’s quick enough. A quick scan on our computer took around two minutes while a Full Scan in 5 different hard drives with nearly 2 TB of data took around 30 minutes. Obviously we don’t want to ‘force’ a malware onto our computer to make sure Trend Micro works but as far as I’ve seen it does the job very well and we can’t fault the program in any way here. There’s not much more we can add about the actual scanning except it works, and it’s one of the faster scans we’ve seen.

We also like how a message does pop up informing us of potentially malicious websites, and none of our favorite websites have ever been flagged (so we trust the system in essence). There have been a few sites we were’t sure about, and thankfully we had the Trend Micro program on hand to warn us before it needed to do a scan.

Following the scan, a user can breakdown the threats on their computer (as seen above) nicely and easily so you can see what to stay away from in the future. If you feel Trend Micro has accidentaly deleted a file on your computer, then there is the option to restore said file so you don’t have a heart attack when you need it (or an application needs it).

The Trend Micro Maximum Security is the 2nd best package of the lot (though it’s the top in number of features along with the Premium Security Pack), but it’s essentially the best package available. As you can see in the image breakdown below there’s a comparison for the different types of features you will get over the cheaper versions. Plus, if you take into account the 10GB of online storage which is protected by Trend Micro’s SafeSync Storage then you’re looking at a decent proposal as well. 5 devices are also supported so you could have 5 PC’s connected to the single disc (Breaks down to $25.99 per device which is a solid deal). If you’re interested in their products, be sure to check out their page here and compare products for yourself.

Our overall thoughts on this product is that’s it’s reliable, it’s fast and it seems like it’s got you covered on all grounds. Added to that the 10GB storage and the 5 device license (1 license for 5 devices) you get with this product and you’re looking at a great deal. On the downside, the actual program can’t be expanded to full screen (we know some people like that), and if you’re looking for an indepth report of each removed item then you won’t get that here (you’ll get a tiny description though). 9/10 and a solid program worth purchasing.

On a side note, we’ll be doing a giveaway of this program soon. Two lucky winners will stand a chance at winning a Trend Micro Maximum Security package worth $130. We’ll have more details up soon!


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