The Nokia Conundrum – The Missing Pieces

The Nokia Conundrum – The Missing Pieces

So Nokia recently released their latest devices, The Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 to much fanfare and overall applauds on the device. However after the dust had barely settled, we at Techin5 and those on Twitter and Facebook still have a lot of unanswered questions/comments. So we’ve dedicated this entire post to answering those questions best we can, from our knowledge and little tidbits we’ve picked up from around the web. If you’ve got another opinion or different idea, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. As for Nokia, this is generally directed at you.

Full disclosure before: I own a Lumia 900 as my main phone, and am very tempted to upgrade to the Lumia 920 when it’s out.

The Lumia Event was great, but where was the pricing and release date?

We agree. Nokia, where was the pricing and release date for the new devices? A rough estimate of Q4 wasn’t enough and there’s a good reason the stock fell 16% on the day of the announcement. The people like facts, and this is one of the many reasons why people are so happy with Apple products. They know what they are getting and when (at least after the announcement), where as Microsoft, and now to a lesser degree Nokia, keep us guessing and feeling impatient. We understand that there are a lot of factors to think about from manufacturing to components to construction times, but giving a date would be the best thing for consumers alike. We get that Windows Phone 8 won’t be announced till late October, but that doesn’t mean Lumia users should wait in the dark.

We feel a lot of people might still end up sticking with the iPhone 5, solely because they know that it will be out latest by Mid October. That’s the way Apple works, they have a announcement event and open pre-orders the same day, then launch it with the month. Nokia could learn a thing or two there. But of course, similarly Nokia could actually be waiting for Apple’s announcement before showing off prices. They’ll be just as curious as the rest of us as to what Apple have up their sleeve. My hope is that they let us know the pricing soon after Apple announces their plans and device, or in the coming days at least – because leaving us hanging for weeks without an announcement is the worst thing ever right now.

Pureview a Gimmick?

While we’ve not had the pleasure of testing the Nokia 808 Pureview with that massive 41 megapixel lens, we know from word of mouth and pictures that it beats the pants of any other smartphone out there, and even competes closely with low end DSLR’s. Nokia also announced the Lumia 920 will get Pureview technology, but how can that be when it only has 8.7 megapixels in it? Well according to Nokia, ‘Pureview is not a single feature or specification’ but rather a technology that helps improve the lens – either by allowing more light during a shot or image stabilization, or otherwise. From what we have seen, Pureview is not only not a gimmick – it is in fact an amazing tech piece that will certainly boost the picture quality and tech in your phone.

We weren’t sold, until Nokia showed us the demo (as well as other videos on YouTube) of the pureview in action, and from there on we were sold. Of course, we’re not 100% convinced till we get our paws on it and are able to test it in the real world. That is especially considering we have tried the current best phones such as the Xperia S, Galaxy S III, and the iPhone 4S. But for now, we have high hopes for the technology.

No MicroSD Slot on the Lumia 920 because it will defile the body?

What? That’s the silliest thing we’ve ever heard from Kevin Shields (SVP of Nokia) who claims that’s the reason their flagship phone doesn’t have a MicroSD slot. The odd thing is the Lumia 820 offers a SD Card slot which is excellent, but they seemed to have forgot that option on the 920. Even though we never use more than 32GB on our phones (which is what the Lumia 920 maxes out at), we can understand that plenty of people do want a lot of storage on their phones. Android Phones generally have a SD Card Slot, and whenever we get an Android phone to review, the first thing I do is to pop in a SD Card into the slot, on instinct. It would have been fantastic to be able to have 64GB of storage on the Lumia 920, even if we never really utilized it. Oh and Kevin, we hardly think it would have defiled the phone even a little bit, it’s much to gorgeous for that to happen.

Also, Kevin Shields added this gem – “Most people aren’t using the storage in their phone, anyway.” Kevin, it’s a dangerous road when you start putting words in people’s mouths and assuming things like that. I can assure you if given half a chance, people will cram it up with movies, files, and music. Essentially, just sticking with the defiling line would have been enough.

Having a SD Card would have given it an even standing with the 64GB iPhone’s, and it wouldn’t have added much to the price since only half of the storage was inbuilt. Strategies to keep in mind Nokia.

Pureview Video Fiasco?

Yep, charge Nokia with creating a ‘fake’ Pureview Video. They admitted the video was not created on a Lumia 920, before adding ‘not yet’. They did issue a half apology, though it’s already a bad start for Nokia. The end result is if you’re going to fake a video and not tell anyone in a tiny disclaimer which no one can read in the corner like other companies, at least make sure that that the video is fully legitimate looking. In other words – Make sure there’s no damn reflection with a massive DSLR popping out of it. Or you know, create a legitimate video that doesn’t try to fool everyone with awesome fake settings.

Nokia can easily solve this by proving how great the quality is on the Lumia 920 very soon, with a few pictures and videos (and a Video with the making of). Sceptics will always be sceptics, but at least Nokia would have done enough to convince the masses that they care, and they don’t want to cheat you into buying their products (not that we believe that’s the case).

The Lumia 920 is 10.7mm thick?

We feel that for a 2012 phone, a smartphone rather, they should be below 10mm in thickness. We’re not going to exaggerate and say Nokia need to make a 5 mm thick but below 10 mm with that sexy Polycarbonate built isn’t impossible – just ask HTC with their One X (despite it feeling lesser in quality). The industry benchmark – the iPhone 4S is 9.3mm in thickness. Around that would be the perfect thickness for the phone. It would be not too thin to hold such as the Galaxy S III, but similarly you would be able to feel the comfort with the polycarbonate’s thin frame. 10.7mm is a little too fat, regardless of the technology in the device. Unlike the S3’s flat back, the curved back similar to the Lumia 920 would have greatly improved the comfort level of holding the device.

Keep working on it Nokia.

Cyan is no longer a Nokia Favourite?

This is a strange one, considering Cyan was very rapidly becoming a Nokia associated color (much like white headphones being associated with Apple). I currently have my Lumia 900 in cyan, and people are always stunned when I tell them that it is not in fact, a cover or material – but the real deal. It’s different, it stands out and it is very much a ‘Nokia’ color for me. I’d be willing to say it’s one of the most unique mobile phone colors on the market, and removing it from the 920’s available colors is a silly move. Bring back Cyan, keep it as your flagship color so people associate it with Nokia again. Yes we know the Lumia 820 has Cyan in stock still, but the Lumia 920 is the flagship device so it wouldn’t matter if a lower end model has Cyan.

It may seem strange to some, that this even makes a difference but the reality is in a cut throad industry such as the mobile industry – anything a company can do to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack is certainly a plus. Cyan could have furthered that ‘plus’. Alas, it has gone (perhaps not for good), but at least for now. Bring it back Nokia, everyone seems to have noticed and let’s face it – No one agrees with this decision.

Humorous Complaint of the Day: If there’s a Fatboy Charging Station, why is there no Fatgirl wireless charging mat (as suggested by Mary Jo Foley)?

Lol. Somehow I feel this could lead to a plethora of issues for Nokia. Thanks for the laugh though Mary.

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  • Doktor G

    Good article mate. Pretty much said what all us WP and Nokia lovers are thinking, and not what all the other bias journos want to spread. Will be getting the 920 on debut only because I’m sure the camera will kick it and i take a lot of photos and vids of my kids wherever I am so that’s it for me. Would’ve been nice to have these other things you mentioned but still stoked with wireless charging and HD+ display so can’t wait to get my hands on this. Here’s to hoping we get to know exact price and dates on or soon after Sept 12.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Thanks! Glad you’re excited and I know I am! Pricing might be out this month, but never know with companies to be honest.

  • Narna

    Yellow. If they dont have a lime green I’m going for yellow. Cyan is so yesterday 😛