Techin5 Interviews – Aman Chand (Cyber Safety Expert)

Techin5 Interviews – Aman Chand (Cyber Safety Expert)

We’re back with another interview, however this time it’s not an actual ‘Developer Interview’ but a new part of Techin5’s repertoire with what we’re simply calling ‘Techin5 Interviews’ where we still interview people within the Tech (or related) industry, whether it be personnel within the company or high ranking managers as well – basically those that don’t fit into the developer category go here. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to get in some other people that don’t only design and develop apps or products but those who are behind the ideas and products. All in due time though folks.

For our first Techin5 Interview segment, we’re starting off with a very important man in the Cyber Safety Area – Aman Chand. Aman is Trend Micro’s very own Cyber Safety Expert and he works very closely with the Anti-Virus team to make sure their latest Trend Micro anti-virus protection service is at the top of it’s game in a world of viscous and malicious viruses. We appologize for the lenght of scrolling in this interview, but we felt that the information given in the infographics (please click to expand them) would most certainly be worth it. So without further a due, let’s get to it.

Techin5 Interviews – Aman Chand (Trend Micro Australia’s Cyber Safety Expert)

Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
I’m Anand the Cyber Safety Expert at Trend Micro, I work closely with Trend Labs with over 1200 personal in 12 locations around the world. Working alongside Trend Labs, I’m up to date with threats facing consumers, I understand the global trends and will advise customers in our region about the threats affecting their digital lives and what they should be doing to protect themselves.

What makes Trend Micro stand out above the rest of the field? What does it bring different to the table?
With over 23 years of experience and over 140million customers, TrendMicro is the leader in cloud security, we stop the threats in the cloud before they reach our customers. We are the only security company to include the Facebook privacy scanner in the product range and we also protect the user in more of their favourite social media sites then any of our competitors.

Why are computer viruses still such a big issue in this day and age?
Computer virus have evolved immensely over the last 10 even 5 years and its turned into big business for organised criminals. Viruses are not just limited to our computers but they are also prevalent on mobile devices. The internet is such an integrated part of our lives and we use it for everything from connecting to our friends on a daily basis to paying bills and banking. Because technology is moving so fast in most cases the devices which we use the most to connect to the internet are often the least protected and this unfortunately means easy dollars for cyber criminals. 

In a nutshell, what can a virus do to a computer if infected, and how to deal with the virus after? And what is the easiest way to protect yourself from them?
There are millions of manifestations of viruses, in its simplest form it will slow down your computer and be a general annoyance. Some of the more serious instances have the ability to steal your identity, steal from you by hacking into your bank account/credit card and your gaming profiles. If you find that you have been infected Don’t use that computer to log into any personal account, change all your passwords and any financial institution and change your pin numbers. Perform a complete clean of the computer if necessary take it to a professional.
The best way to protect yourself is prevention. Get yourself a good internet security product on all your connected devices, often by the time you find out that your computer has been compromised its too late.

What do users, generally have a higher chance of picking up viruses from? 
Viruses can be found all over the internet from websites, mobile applications, emails and social media sites. Generally if a site is unregulated, one which offers “free” downloads of illegal content there will be a heighten chance of infection, however unsuspecting users often let curiosity get the better of them and click on links sent to them on emails/social media sites from people they don’t know. As a general rule users should always air on the side of caution.

Are viruses getting stronger? If so, how are the antivirus companies keeping pace with said new viruses?
Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated in the way in which they attack users, they are not just getting smarter in the way they develop the viruses, they are also using social engineering to break down the users defences. At Trend Micro we have thousands of engineers situated all over the world working around the clock to ensure that we are not only finding the latest alerts but also using the cloud technology to find new ways to protect users against potential new threats. We understand the technology trends. As an example, we were the first to implement the smart technology network and introduce the Facebook privacy scanner.

Do you work with email providers to help curb spam emails that may contain viruses? 
Yes, we work with all the major providers to curb the number of spam emails which end up in the inbox. As an example the majority of spam which are sent over the internet never actually make it onto the user portal so the end user doesn’t even know about it. When an email does make it through to your in-box, our Smart Protection Network ® (which is sort of like your early detection system) will notify you if the link is malicious, so you know before you click on the email.

Do you feel Mac’s are at as big risk as PC’s with regards to Viruses? Why or why not?
Threats on PCs still far outnumber the threats on Mac, however as Mac’s become more popular and gain in market share we have seen a steady increase in the number of threats designed specifically for Mac users. Cyber criminals are also targeting social media users with (survey scams, likejacking, etc.) This is especially dangerous as users are susceptible regardless of the type of OS/device they use to access their profiles.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft – do you believe it will handle viruses better or worse than Windows 7? Or similar? 
Windows has always offered a basic level of antivirus with their software, whilst they are continuously improving, it’s still a basic anti-virus. From the trends which we have seen over the last couple of years, this level of protection is not sufficient to protect you against the sophisticated cyber criminals, you need to have a good internet security product which goes beyond basic anti-virus and protects you against the data which cybercriminals are really interested in.
Fantasitc, thanks for joining us and sharing your insights with the current threats on the internet, as well as how to stay safe Aman. Trend Micro has some great products, please check our their site by going here.

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