Rumor: Lumia 920 might come to Telstra in Late October/November

Rumor: Lumia 920 might come to Telstra in Late October/November

So as you know, we’re big fans of the recently announced Lumia 920 and we know that it stands up against the competition fairly decently as well – but what we’ve never known is a release date. Well that may possibly change thanks to some people from Telstra who have told me some juicy information about the Lumia 920 and when they think it will be coming to Australia. Let’s get straight to it – Most Telstra staff ‘thought’ the Lumia 920 has a good chance of making it’s way over to Australia’s largest carrier in either late October or November some time, but as of now they had no exact date to confirm. One Telstra store manager we spoke to said that Nokia were still discussing the phone with other carriers, so he wasn’t sure if Telstra would get exclusive rights to the device but it was entirely up to Nokia in this regard (and the discussions between all the carriers). They did mention though that the Lumia 920 looked more likely for an Australian release in November as opposed to October due to time constraints for stock levels from Nokia as they are expecting it to be a big launch. The interesting thing was that this was the same story from a few different stores who seemed to be on the same page (though a few staff were unsure about when, but expected it before December), making this story seems a little more valid (and apparently this was the info ‘filtered’ down from the Head Office thus far).

When asked about the Lumia 820, no one has a clue so it’s quite possible the Lumia 820 would be heading to other carriers, but until we get official confirmation from Nokia it’s hard to tell ultimately. Before anyone thinks that the Telstra staff were confused about their devices, they were all fully aware of Windows Phone 8, and they seemed generally enthusiastic about the device heading down under for once (as the support and enthusiasm for the previous Lumia devices has been rather less than stellar previously). One staff member even quoted “It’s good to see Nokia finally being able to compete with Android and Apple with the specs in the new phone, finally! Windows Phone 8 could actually be a big event for us”.

We’re genuinely pleased to see staff members rather excited about the proposal of Nokia’s latest and greatest gracing our shores within the next few months (hopefully). Do remember this is still all unofficial and it’s very possible that things could change due to a shortage of supply, a change of hearts from carriers, and much more. So while we urge you to get excited about a 920 making it’s way to us soon, do still take this with a grain of salt until Nokia confirms anything – whether sooner or later. One thing we can at least expect is that Nokia will be planning on a global assault of their new devices before the close of the year – and that can only be a good thing for consumers alike.

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  • mullta02

    Hard not to be excited, whenever it does come I’ll grab it day one. This HTC Mozart is getting very long in the tooth, whether releasing after the iPhone 5 was wads mistake or not remains to be seen, public awareness of the whole windows 8 universe (wp8 inclusive) has been very lacklustre to say the least. Hopefully Microsoft and Nokia really push this hard in Australia, im best described as a windows evangelist, the mobile platform is the best in the business. I considered switching to android a while back, but this was purely due to impatience in waiting for wp8. I very happy I waited, very happy indeed. 😀

  • Kym

    No, no exclusives it just nflates the price. Given how all carriers have recently changed their plan offerings and screwed us out of data I’m less inclined to commit to another 2 years with them. I want all carriers to have it and have some competition in pricing without artificially inflating the outright price.

  • swhitmore

    Telstra staff ‘thought’ the Lumia 900 has a good chance of making it’s way over to Australia’s

  • Techin5

    cheers, fixed.

  • Techin5

    I’m not sure exclusives really inflate prices these days. The Plans are generally the same for most phones these days (high end), but I agree – be better on all carriers.

  • Techin5

    Yea, I’m thinking the same – the wait will be worth it!

  • orko138

    yep. Had an iPhone 3GS, then got tired of apple’s restrictions so moved to Android. Now am very keen jump onto the WP8 bandwagon – the OS is easily the best designed mobile OS out there – and with Nokia heritage to boot – i cant wait for this to be released here!

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