HTC 8X & 8S priced by Clove UK, up for preorder

HTC 8X & 8S priced by Clove UK, up for preorder

The HTC 8X & 8S were just announced less than 24 hours ago to much fanfare and excitement, but our friends over at Clove already seem to have the pricing down and ready to go (subject to any last minute change of course, which is generally unlikely). The the end result is that these products are actually slightly cheaper than we had expected, and will probably both be cheaper than the upcoming Lumia 920.

The HTC 8X has been priced at £333.33 ($520 AUD) excluding VAT which is easily cheaper than we were expecting – and it would most probably be one of the more affordable Premium WP8 handsets. An interesting pricing choice, at just above $500 before delivery with a full array of specs (including one of the higest PPI’s we’ve seen on a device yet) which you can see here – making it quite the offering. Click here to Order.

The HTC 8S is the younger brother of the 8X, with lower specs and is priced at £187.49 ($292 AUD) excluding VAT, which makes it an extremely cheap Windows Phone 8 device, coming in at under $300 while being fully unlocked. It does unfortunately have lower specs so you’re looking at a lower end model, though with Windows Phone 8 on board, and a nice array of color choices as well. Specs can be seen here. Click here to Order.

Both handsets will ship in November, so head on down to Clove to preorder your unlocked HTC Windows Phone 8 device today!

Source: Clove

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