How Will the iPhone 5 Affect the Market?

How Will the iPhone 5 Affect the Market?

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Mobile and computing giant recently announced a special event for September 12th, and it is rumored that it is the release for the newest iPhone. People are already buying into the buzz of the release, and it is expected to have very high sales as soon as it hits the market. The anticipation is very high for the release, especially considering how excited people were for the iPhone 5, when the 4s was released instead. This newest release has been one of the most anticipated devices in recent years, and with the recent legal victories by Apple, and its constant command of the market, the newest iPhone might have a huge impact on the mobile device market.

A recent study shows that just over 20% of Android users are willing to make the switch to the newest iPhone 5. This is slightly shocking news, as it was recently shown that the iPhone 4s had slipped in its market share to the Galaxy S III. Of course, that is may have to do with the fact that people are now holding out for the iPhone 5 instead of buying the 4s. While the drop in sales might look bad, Apple should not be worrying at all about their market hold.

The news that Android users are willing to switch to the newest iPhone might be cause for caution for Android based smartphone developers like Samsung. The company has just lost a very publicized lawsuit to Apple about the design of their phones. If that didn’t hurt them enough, now news of this potential “jumping the boat” might hurt their competitiveness in the market. This is also a cause of concern because the iPhone isn’t even yet released, and people don’t know its complete features, and are already ready for the switch.

What can Apple fans look forward to with the newest iPhone release? One thing that has been holding Apple back in international markets in the size of the screen. So it can be assumed the the newest iPhone will feature a screen that can compete with the larger Android based phone screens like the previously mentioned Samsung Galaxy S III. While it sounds insignificant, a larger screen has become important, especially with all the streaming apps like Netflix, DirecTV’s mobile app, Hulu, and more. Having these capabilities makes users want to enjoy it to the fullest extent, and the size of the screen is almost directly correlated to that pleasure. So far iPhone’s have not had the best screens for this.

So the new iPhone is definitely going to have a strong effect on the market. Apple is already the strongest competitor in the market, and the weaknesses that it had in older models will be remedied with the iPhone 5. All of this is on the heels of a big legal battle as mentioned, so Apple will come out swinging. This is not great news for all of Apple’s competitors, and it seems that the long awaited release of this device is going to convert into huge sales.

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