Far Cry 3: An Overview

Far Cry 3: An Overview

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Getting strangled on a mysterious island is not adventure sports! It’s ill-luck. And, if the island is inhabited by unstable civilians, ready to take anyone down is just stone cold misery! That’s the primary concept of Far Cry 3. Developed by Ubisoft, the game will release as the third installment of the hit Far Cry franchise and will be available for Xbox, PS3 and PCs. So, let’s take a sneak-peak of the upcoming video game:

The Storyline:

The storyline is similar to its earlier versions. In simple words, it’s just “escape from Crazy Island”. But, what differ in this title are the protagonist, his personal storyline and the locales. Unlike, the previous edition that was set in an environment around the African Savanna, this game will have the backdrops of a tropical island somewhere between the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The story revolves around the Protagonist Jason Brody, a tourist who finds himself marooned on a mysterious island and his tale of escape. Jason, who is in pursuit of his lost girlfriend, meets few inhabitants of the island. They are no one else than people who were trapped on those islands long back and have become unstable by mind. How Jason escapes and finds his way back home forms the rest of the plot.
As far as the protagonist’s personal storyline is concerned, there have been several speculations revolving around. While few developers claim that Jason is trained and a strong combatant who can take down any enemy, few claim that the protagonist has no martial arts background and just got trapped on the island out of mere ill-fate. They have added that, as Jason tries to survive on the island, he will evolve and realize his inner potential and will depict the outcome of Jason’s real identity as he progresses.

Game play:

Now, Ubisoft is one developer that has always infused immense graphics and intense game play into its titles such as the Prince of Persia franchise, Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed series. So, it is sort of obvious that the action and adventure in this title is going to be exciting as well. As far as game play of Far Cry 3 is concerned, the developers have claimed to have added new features and options in the game. Unlike its earlier versions, the players will be able to take cover behind objects and take down enemies, unnoticed. They call this combat feature as Crouch mode and are expected to offer additional fun to the game. Other notable inclusions are that the players will now be able to perform melee and combo attacks and take down enemies in style and the stealth mode. Also, the players will be rewarded with experience points according to their performances in the game. The developers have stated that the map in this title is going to be approximately ten times more massive than its previous installment, which indirectly means it is still a sandbox game. Jason is also expected to possess the ability of taking photos with his cameras and plan his combat moves accordingly, similar to the Sherlock Holmes movie franchise.

The release:

The game that was supposed to roll out in September has been postponed and is scheduled for a December 4th release. If everything went on fine, we would have been gaming on Far Cry 3 by now, nevertheless, it’s alright to wait sometimes, as it can be rewarding! So, let’s hope the game recreates or at least sustains the magic of its previous titles. So, Adios!

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